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Social enterpreneurship as a new opportunity



The Slovenian company Elan Inventa equipped three sports halls in Quatar with sports equipment for the handball championship. Photo: Elan Inventa photo archives
In the past week, Slovenia paid respect to the victims of the attacks in France: as a gesture of opposition against violence and the support of the freedom of expression the Slovenian journalists raised their pens, while the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs attended the mass unity rally commemorating the victims of atrocities in Paris.

“We support the freedom of expression and thought, this is why we are here and to show that we will strive for this constantly. We should not attribute violence to some religions,” said Mr Cerar, who visited the French Embassy in Ljubljana before leaving for Paris and signed the book of condolences.

Slovenia remains a safe country. The terrorist attacks in France have not affected national security. Therefore, the National Security Council, which was convened by the PM following Paris attacks, decided to keep the security threat level with regard to international terrorism unchanged, i.e. low. Nevertheless, the government and competent bodies are carefully monitoring the situation and cooperating with security services of partner countries.


In this week, the government focused particularly on determining priority projects that will be carried out in 2015 or later. One of the crucial criteria was the developmental aspect and direct benefit or improvement it will bring to users and providers.

One of such projects is definitely the project of promoting the development of social entrepreneurship, cooperatives, creative industries and economic democracy, which was the subject of consultations between the representative of the government, social economy sector and the support environments.

This is one of the ten strategic projects defined in the coalition agreement of the current government.

The government embarks on a project of promoting social entrepreneurship

"Changing economic and social conditions, demographic trends and social circumstances call for a development of new formats for creating added value, particularly on socially responsible foundations," said Slovenian Primer Minister Miro Cerar in his opening speech and said that social companies promote innovation and creativity, develop innovative services and products and make them a reality, and create new jobs for different, including vulnerable groups of population. more...

New opportunities for Slovenian and Quatari businesses

President Pahor and his host, Quatari Emir, Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani, confirmed amicable relations between the countries and urged for further strengthening of bilateral cooperation in political, and particularly economic area, which has been relatively modest. President Pahor invited the Emir and Quatari business representatives to learn about the possibilities to invest in Slovenia, which could be an interesting business environment for them, as Slovenia is a reliable and attractive investment destination, particularly with regard to investment into tourism, transport and infrastructure. more...

Slovenia against GMO

“Slovenia will take advantage of the opportunity of additional protection against GMOs, which will be enabled under new EU rules,” said the Slovenian agriculture minister, Dejan Židan, when new rules regarding genetically modified organisms were confirmed by the European Parliament. No GMOs are produced in Slovenia, which has one of the strictest legislation in this area in the EU. Therefore, minister Židan expressed satisfaction that additional protection is now available at the EU level. more...

Slovenia takes over the leadership of NATO Contact Point Embassy in Switzerland

At yesterday’s session, the Slovenian Government confirmed the information on taking over NATO’s contact point embassy (CPE) in Switzerland in the 2015-2016 period. Slovenia, i.e. the Slovenian Embassy in Bern, will assume the role of NATO’s contact point embassy in Switzerland in 2015. So far, Slovenia has performed the role of a contact point embassy in Austria and Macedonia and is successfully concluding its stint in Montenegro. Heading the CPE in Switzerland is markedly different from our previous experience. more...

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