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Slovenia to aMaze



Slovenia needs the champion spirit and Tina Maze showed us how to achieve our goals – being ourselves, not afraid of steep slopes and falls, but determined to continue on our way. Photo: STA
Amazing! How else can we start this week’s editorial if not in a winning mood. The Slovenian ski champion Tina Maze has passed another landmark, and with her strong focus, dedication, energy and talent has found her optimal balance. Politicians, policy makers and all of us in general should strive for such efficiency and apply it in practice whenever possible. We need this champion spirit and Tina showed us how to achieve our goals – by being ourselves, not afraid of steep slopes and falls, but determined to continue on our way.

The Slovenian government is facing several crucial decisions, including the preparation and adoption of the development strategy. In this respect, infrastructure is of key significance, as it is a prerequisite for the development of other areas. According to the prime minister Miro Cerar, the main challenge will be how to design development projects within the perspective of sustainable principles and criteria. In the development of infrastructure, the government is trying to equal account of environmental and economic sustainability. Together with experts, the government will promote infrastructural shifts which the country urgently needs. Slovenia must build many things it has not managed in the past, and become more ambitious and active, said the PM. He stressed that he understands the infrastructure that needs development more broadly, not only in terms of energy and transport, but also through the significance and range of education, personal relationships and civic and political culture. This entails both the modernisation of railways, roads, improving the energy efficiency of buildings, and training in personal relationships, civil and political culture. “If we do this, and I am an optimist, Slovenia will exit the crisis to become a dynamic and developmentally successful country, which will also do something for future generations.”

PMs Cerar and Bettel discuss outstanding issues in Luxembourg

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister Miro Cerar met Luxembourg’s leaders. They agreed that good relations between the countries must be strengthened, particularly within the EU. Before the meeting of the European Council, on Thursday in Brussels, he discussed many outstanding European issues, including Ukraine and Greece, with his counterpart Xavier Bettel. more...

Slovenia with record exports

According to the new figures published by the national statistics office, in 2014 Slovenia increased the export of goods compared to the previous by 6.9 per cent to 23.04 billion euros, which is a new record, while imports increased by 2.4 per cent to 22.65 billion euros. The export to import ratio was 101.7 per cent, while the external trade surplus amounted to 393.9 million euros. more...

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the Minsk agreement

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the agreement reached by the presidents of Ukraine, Russia and France, and the German Federal Chancellor. It is a significant step towards establishing peace and de-escalating the conflict. more...

Miki Muster and Andrej Brvar win the Prešeren Prize this year

“A nation that takes the anniversary of a poet’s death as its national holiday, and celebrates this without military parades, tanks or anti-aircraft missiles, is – although small in number – a great nation,” according to the French architect and painter Michel Pochet. On 8 February, the anniversary of the death of the greatest Slovenian poet, France Prešeren, Slovenia abounded with cultural life. It is a day on which Slovenes do not celebrate an ending, but rather, by attending the many cultural activities commemorating the poet, they celebrate human creativity and the power of expression. more...

Most innovative Slovenian foods announced

The Nutrition Institute presented the greatest challenges in developing foods with beneficial nutrients, and selected the most innovative new foods produced in Slovenia. At the announcement of the selection, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Dejan Židan, highlighted the significance of high-quality local food promoted by the ministry. “Innovative foods are among the competitive advantages of the Slovenian food industry,” he said, adding that “We can only win if we have special food products.” more...

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