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Slovenia’s most eminent research institute celebrates its 70th anniversary. Through innovation and advanced technologies, the Jožef Stefan Institute seeds the Slovenian economy and enriches the national character. Over the past seven decades, the Jožef Stefan Institute has become one of Slovenia’s strongest brands. Today it is not just a national but an international institution, and one of the most sought-after partners for Europe-level projects.

In its seventy years of operation, the institute has registered several ground-breaking achievements, and today all of its departments rank among the world’s best. All of its departments are at the top of their fields, and with its knowledge and scope of operations it affects numerous areas of social development.

The institute’s most ground-breaking achievements over 70 years include the synthesis of the compound xenon fluoride, which had been considered impossible until the sixties, and in the eighties researchers at the institute discovered the enzyme stephin, developed the first robots, created Slovenia’s first internet connection and launched Slovenia’s first website. Also notable were the development of the microlaser and ferrofluids, which had also been considered impossible. Researchers from IJS also participated in the proof of the existence of the Higgs boson and developed the fastest random-access memory in the world.

The institute bears the name of renowned Slovenian physicist Jožef Stefan, the only Slovene to have a physical law named after him – Stefan’s law of radiation.

Prime minister honours work of Jožef Stefan Institute on its 70th anniversary

At the gala celebration of the Jožef Stefan Institute’s 70th anniversary at Cankarjev Dom, Slovenian Prime Minster Marjan Šarec spoke about the importance of the institute to Slovenia and its international renown, which was already significant during Yugoslav times. more...

Prime minister: Slovenia must ensure its own security first

Today, Slovenia marks its 15th anniversary of NATO membership. more...

Initiative to establish an International Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence

At Thursday’s ordinary session, the Slovenian government approved the establishment of an International Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI) under the auspices of UNESCO. more...

Carefree week for Palestinian youngsters

For the second year in a row, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport is running a special project to help children from Palestine under the umbrella of official development aid. more...

55+ conference

The Slovenian government contains eight ministers aged over 55. more...

NBA game in Slovenian colours

Sport is integral to the Slovenian identity and thus plays an important role in the I Feel Slovenia national brand. more...

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