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Responsibility for forests


Photo: Monty Rakusen-GettyImages/Gulliver Film&Foto
The national volunteer reforestation campaign, in which volunteers will plant a total of more than 10,000 forest tree seedlings in around five hectares of forests this weekend, demonstrates that Slovenes are committed to preserving their greatest natural asset, the forests. More than 58% of Slovenia’s territory is covered in forest. This makes Slovenia Europe’s third-most forested country. Slovenia has twice as much forest per inhabitant than France, and three times more than Switzerland. In terms of hectares of wood stock it ranks fifth in the world and second in Europe.

It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain and care for the forests, so that our descendants will be able to enjoy their positive effects on life in a natural and healthy environment. This year, the Saturday reforestation campaign will also include melliferous (honey-bearing) trees, in order to help bee populations, which directly affect every third spoonful of food we eat.

In the most recent edition of our newsletter we led with an announcement of Slovenia’s largest foreign policy event, which will be held for its fourteenth year in Bled. The Bled Strategic Forum is a leading international conference in Central and Southeast Europe, which again this year will attract a wide range of participants and promote discussions about current global challenges and the search for innovative solutions.

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Books help slow us down

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Mine Awareness day #LendyourLeg

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This year's World Health Day is held under the slogan "Health for All"

Health is one of the most important values ​​and it is the foundation of the quality of life. more...

2019 Bled Strategic Forum - (Re)sources of (In)stability

Resources, their availability and regional dispersion are shaping strategic relations in the international community. more...

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