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The rainbow of foreign relations


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Modern international relations are characterised by a fast rate of change. One of the findings from this year’s Slovenian Diplomatic Conference is that security remains one of the main challenges. Some of the events around the world and in our immediate neighbourhood, which are creating doubts about international law and European values, can be countered above all through proactive European and foreign policy and proactive diplomacy.

Slovenia is a clear advocate of respect for all existing treaties and agreements. This concerns not just the fact that the rule of law protects smaller nations from larger ones in the international sphere, but also that respect for the rule of law is a civilisational value on which the entire international structure rests.

Slovenia remains an advocate of a strong and effective European Union and a solid North Atlantic Alliance, and Slovenia is celebrating its 15th anniversary of membership in both organisations this year. Slovenia’s foreign policy orientations with regard to the Western Balkans region remain unchanged: preserving the European prospects of all countries in the region and encouraging appropriate reforms, particularly in the area of the rule of law.

Slovenia’s objective in its relations with Croatia has always been the mutual implementation of the ruling, which is final and binding on both countries, and respect for it and its implementation will send an important message to the entire region regarding the significance of international treaties and the importance of adhering to them.

Prime Minister: “A proactive and balanced foreign policy is crucial for Slovenia.”

At Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenian Prime Minister Marjan Šarec addressed the Slovenian ambassadors and high-level representatives of the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in attendance at the 23rd annual Slovenian Diplomatic Conference. more...

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