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Good news



“This is really good and encouraging news. It is a joint success, not only for the government, but also for social partners and representatives of all social groups that fruitfully cooperated with the government to reach an agreement on revising the budget,” said the PM in response to the Commission’s findings. Photo: STA
"This is very good news," said the economic and finance commissioner Moscovici, when the European Commission reported the results of an in-depth analysis of macro-economic imbalances in 16 EU member states, including Slovenia. For Slovenia, the Commission established that after two consecutive assessments of excessive macro-economic imbalances, the imbalances are no longer excessive, and significant progress has been made in the past year.

The findings of the European Commission confirm domestic and international opinion on structural reforms, while also demonstrating that the process takes time and yields success in the long term, not overnight. Naturally, the Slovenian government is satisfied that Brussels has recognised its efforts and endeavours in this area, and believes that domestic and foreign assessments confirm the opinion that Slovenia’s measures are heading in the right direction. The most recent economic indicators also confirmed the expectations that economic recovery is continuing this year.

The government will take into account the five crucial challenges (non-performing loans, corporate deleverage, privatisation, fiscal framework and foreign direct investment), which were identified in the Commission’s report on Slovenia’s financial and economic situation, as the basis for drawing up May recommendations for action.

Trust is crucial in these matters - trust in the state, the government, and its institutions.

Precisely because of trust or the wish to leave no room for doubt, the government invited the Governor of the Bank of Slovenia, Boštjan Jazbec to the last two sessions, as the central bank had come under public pressure due to alleged irregularities in measures to overhaul the banks. Based on all the known facts, information and explanations, the government assessed there was no reason to doubt the integrity of the Bank of Slovenia. The prime minister said in particular that the Bank of Slovenia is an independent institution, in accordance with the EU’s core agreements, which were also co-shaped by Slovenia.

In 2014, the highest growth since the beginning of the crisis

According to the first estimates of the statistics office, the Slovenian economy recorded a 2.6 per cent real growth last year. Economic recovery continued in the fourth quarter of 2014, while GDP growth in 2014 was the highest since the beginning of the crisis. According to the Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development, exports remain the crucial factor in the recovery. more...

Slovenia no longer has excessive imbalances

"The assessment of the European Commission identifying that macro-economic imbalances are no longer excessive, and that significant progress has been made, confirm that measures in Slovenia are moving in the right direction," the finance ministry wrote in its response to the publication of an in-depth analysis of macro-economic imbalances in 15 EU member states, expressing satisfaction that Brussels had recognised the efforts and endeavours of the country in this area. more...

Slovenia and Malta urge greater economic cooperation

Slovenian President Borut Pahor hosted the President of Malta, Maria Luise Coleiro Preca. The President Pahor said the relationships between the two countries are good and without outstanding issues, stressing that there is good political and economic cooperation, and the possibility of strengthen and increasing trade in goods and services. more...

Slovenian project on handling WEEE among the best LIFE projects

Every year, member states and the European Commission select the best LIFE projects that were concluded and assessed in the previous year. In addition to the SloWolf project, which is intended to conserve and monitor the conservation status of the wolf population in Slovenia, the Slovenia WEEE Campaign was also included among the best. more...


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