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It is now 28 years since Slovenia declared its independence. On 25 June 1991 the Slovenian parliament of that time adopted the Basic Constitutional Charter on the Sovereignty and Independence of the Republic of Slovenia. At the same time it adopted the Constitutional Act Implementing the Basic Constitutional Charter on the Independence and Sovereignty of the Republic of Slovenia, and also the Declaration of Independence.

In its 28 years of independence Slovenia has undergone numerous changes in its economy, its environment, and its demographics. Establishing an independent state 28 years ago was the most important achievement in the nation’s history. Statehood Day is the country’s birthday, when we can set our goals for the future, while looking back on our achievements in the last year.

Two years have passed since the arbitration ruling on the border with Croatia. The position of the Slovenian government remains unchanged. Under Article 7 of the Arbitration Agreement, the ruling by the arbitration tribunal of 29 June 2017 is binding on both countries and constitutes a definitive settlement of the border dispute. Slovenia knows that its position is correct, and will stand behind it. The government’s primary concern throughout has been for the residents in the border zone who are directly affected by the ruling, and special budget funding is set out by law to guarantee the rights of local Slovenian citizens.

Prime Minister on an official visit to the Vatican

Prime Minister Marjan Šarec was on an official visit to the Vatican yesterday. more...

Statehood Day

On Monday, Congress Square in Ljubljana was the venue of the main celebration before Statehood Day and the 28th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence. more...

Slovenia’s firm position

Two years after the entry into force of the arbitral award, the Slovenian government’s position remains unchanged. more...

Commissioner presents EUR 109m check for Koper-Divača track

European Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc has symbolically presented to Infrastructure Minister Alenka Bratušek a check of EUR 109 million in EU funds Slovenia secured for a rail expansion between the port of Koper and the inland hub Divača. more...

Ljubljanica receives Unesco award for best practice in underwater cultural heritage

Adopted at Unesco’s headquarters in Paris in 2001, the Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage aims to provide legal and practical protection for archaeological remains preserved in the world’s oceans, seas and continental waters, to promote research into this segment of cultural heritage, and to coordinate work standards at the international level. more...

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