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Slovenia. Green. Active. Healthy. Photo: Mostphotos
Slovenia may be one of Europe’s smaller countries, but in terms of tourism potential this green jewel stretching from the Alps to the Adriatic coast is increasingly catching the attention of the travel industry in Europe and worldwide. At a press conference held at the 2015 ITB Berlin yesterday, high-ranking representatives from the Slovenian government, its tourism agencies (Slovenian Tourist Board and Ljubljana Tourism), Adria Airways, as well as Fraport AG and its Ljubljana aviation gateway jointly presented 'Destination Slovenia'. The theme of the event focused on the “Spirit of Slovenia, Europe’s Country of Diversity & Endless Nature”.

The Slovenian government has defined tourism as one of its five strategic sectors. “Due to our attractive and diverse tourism products and other potential that Slovenia has, I strongly believe our country will become not only a desired destination for short trips, but a popular tourist destination with the varied offer on the coast, in the mountains, cities, health resorts and thermal spas being the most important part of Slovenian tourism”, said the minister of economic development and technology Zdravko Počivalšek. Discussing the importance and future opportunities of the travel and tourism industry for Slovenia’s economy at the 2015 ITB Berlin, he stated:

“The Slovenian Government defines tourism as an important economic and strategic sector that generates new jobs and has an extremely positive impact on balanced regional development. In the years to come – and in light of the present level of development of Slovenian tourism and the existing development potential – tourism will become a highly relevant part of the Slovenian economy and will make a significant contribution to achieving Slovenia’s development goals. Within this framework, it will also contribute to attaining the country’s economic objectives, such as competitiveness, GDP growth, employment growth, sustainable development, regional development, better quality of life and well-being of its population, reinforcement of cultural identity and an increase in Slovenia’s recognition in the world. We stimulate innovation, creativity in tourism and the development of new, attractive tourist products and services of high quality. We strongly believe we have great potential to develop into one of the most popular tourist destinations on the global map.”

Slovenia was also put on the global map with the decision of the National Assembly on Tuesday. With 51 out of 84 votes in favour it amended the Marriage and Family Relations Act in order to grant equal status to same-sex and heterosexual unions in Slovenia. “The draft act does not take away anything from anyone, but rather only extends their rights, so the definition of marriage is expanded to include persons of the same sex,” said the Minister of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, Anja Kopač Mrak. Slovenia has thus become the twelfth country in Europe and the eighteenth in the world, in addition to several US states, and the first in the Balkans to ensure the equal status of same-sex and different-sex married union and cohabitation. While the voting results and the protest outside parliament reveal a rather large rift in Slovenian society with regard to this issue, it also shows enough maturity to overcome prejudice and allow individuals to decide for themselves how they wish to live.

This is destination Slovenia, too.

Same-sex and heterosexual union equal in Slovenia

The National Assembly has passed amendments to the Marriage and Family Relations Act which grant equal status to same-sex and heterosexual unions in Slovenia. The government did not oppose the amendments, which were formally proposed by the opposition United Left party. In its opinion adopted at the end of January 2015, the government particularly highlighted the fact that the Constitution recognises sexual orientation as a matter of personal circumstance, whereby discrimination is not allowed. more...

Minister Počivalšek: Promoting Slovenia as a green, active and healthy destination

This year, Slovenia’s presentation at ITB Berlin is being held under the slogan “Slovenia. Green. Active. Healthy.”, stressing healing water and the diversity of the Slovenian tourist offer. The main theme of Slovenia’s presentation is Ljubljana as the European Green Capital 2016 and the Tastes of Ljubljana. "Tourism increases economic growth, improves the quality of life and provides more jobs for residents”, said the minister for the economy, Zdravko Počivalšek, while emphasising the importance of tourism and future opportunities at a joint press conference of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Spirit agency, Tourism Ljubljana, and Adria Airways, as well as Fraport AG and its Ljubljana airport, at the 2015 ITB in Berlin yesterday. more...

Ljubljana Airport – Gateway to Slovenia and the Alpe-Adria Region

On Thursday, Minister Počivalšek, Germany's Fraport, the new owner of airport operator Aerodrom Ljubljana, Slovenian flag carrier Adria Airways and the SPIRIT agency for the promotion of enterprise and tourism held a joint press conference at the ITB Berlin. Slovenia has to promote Slovenian tourism more intensively, said minister Počivalšek: “If we want to place Slovenia on the global map as a tourist destination, we will have to invest more in development, promotion and transport connections.” more...

Slovenia's Adria Airways with direct connections between Ljubljana and Berlin

Slovenia’s domestic carrier Adria Airways is establishing more routes between Slovenia and European cities. Following the inauguration of flights to Prague and Warsaw last year, Adria Airways will connect Ljubljana with Berlin and Stockholm, starting with the 2015 spring/summer timetable. At a joint press conference at the ITB Berlin 2015, high representatives of Slovenian state and Slovenian tourist agencies together with Adria Airways, Fraport AG and its Ljubljana Airport presented destination Slovenia. On this occasion, the Slovenian ambassador in Berlin, Marta Kos-Marko, stressed, “To be better known as the destination, we need good flight connections to our capital Ljubljana throughout Europe, especially Germany. more...

Better cooperation in food supply chain can benefit everyone

Slovenia’s first food supply chain ombudsman was appointed this week. Last week, the government appointed Jože Podgoršek, who holds a doctorate in agronomy, and is the dean and lectures at GRM Ladscape Governance College in Novo mesto. Upon the appointment, the agriculture, forestry and food minister Dejan Židan said that he expects Podgoršek to establish greater transparency in the food supply system. more...

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