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Planica is proof that Slovenians can fly if only we want to. Photo: STA
The government session this week was unusual. According to the expert public, this was also “a historic event for bees”. As part of the national campaign initiated by the Slovenian Beekeepers' Association and the Medex company, cabinet members planted linden tree seedlings to support events under the slogan People Plant, Honey Bees Pollinate, the goal of which is to plant linden trees, a species highly attractive to bees and one of the symbols of Slovenia, on a large scale in public areas and private gardens.

Slovenia has an extensive tradition of bee-keeping and producing high-quality honey. Bees have also left a mark on Slovenian culture and art: the painted front panels of beehives are a typical feature of Slovenian rural architecture that enrich the Slovenian landscape, and there is even a Slovenian phrase, “as diligent as a bee”.

The government has also focused on developing workers' ownership, and worker participation in management and profit sharing. All these three forms constitute economic democracy and yield the best business results. At a special discussion on the subject, the PM noted that economic democracy contributes to innovativeness, creativity, social capital and new jobs for different groups of the population.

We have to agree with the economy minister, Zdravko Počivalškek, that the challenges of contemporary society call for the mobilisation of human potential, and that focus and a commitment to shared goals were also important.

One such successful project was launched very recently a project which successfully illustrated his comment. A few days before one of the biggest skiing event in Slovenia and the world, a new “super” jumping hill was officially opened. The hill, which was overhauled with European cohesion funding, is an example of such good practice. The whole project, including cross-country facilities, cost some 40 million euros.

As Slovenia is the home of ski flying and jumping, the words of state secretary Andreja Barle Lakota definitely hold true – she said that, as a symbol of great achievements, Planica is proof that Slovenians can fly if only we want to.

With economic democracy to greater innovativeness, creativity, social capital and new jobs

Slovenia must strengthen innovativeness, creativity and social capital, and create new jobs for different groups of the population, and this can be achieved through approached of economic democracy, PM Cerar said at Monday's discussion on economic democracy. The discussion is one of the first activities aimed at raising public awareness of the significance and potential of economic democracy. It was organised by the government projects group for economic democracy and Prizma, a foundation for improving employment opportunities. more...

By planting linden trees, the PM and ministers stress the significance of bees

On Wednesday, the PM Miro Cerar and ministers planted linden tree seedlings at Brdo pri Kranju as part of the national campaign launched by the Slovenia Beekeepers' Association and the Medex company to support the national campaign run under the slogan People Plant, Honey Bees Pollinate and show they care about our environment and the Carniolan honey bee. In his speech, the PM said that the project seeks to connect people with nature. He also stressed the significance of the linden tree in Slovenian folk tradition as a meeting place where joint community decisions were reached and as a symbol of Slovenian nationality during the formation of the independent country. more...

The new ski flying hill in Planica officially open

The Planica festival is at the door. This year, the Gorišek brothers’ ski flying hill welcomes the best ski jumpers in the world to the end of world cup with a new image. At the opening of the overhauled hill state secretary at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports, Andreja Barle Lakota, said that the ministry had worked constantly to create modern and technically sophisticated facilities in the valley under Mt Ponce. "Planica is a symbol of extraordinary achievements, technical and sporting achievements. It is proof that Slovenians can fly in the sky if only we wish it," said Barle Lakota. more...

Slovenian offer before Milan Expo on view in Planica and Milan

About a month before the opening of Expo in Milan, Slovenia will showcase its presentation there to the domestic, Italian and international public with presentations in Milan and during the world cup ski jumping finals in Planica. For the Expo Gate pyramid in the centre of Milan, Slovenia has organised a rich two-day programme and a press conference for the 21 and 22 March; in addition, at around the same time, Slovenia’s presentation at Expo as a green, active and healthy country will be showcased in Planica. more...

Culture on view

This year saw the 7th Culture Bazaar, a national interdepartmental project that offered a rich cultural programme for children, youth and adults – anyone interested in culture. According to the culture minister, Julijana Bizjak Mlakar, cultural and art education is important for all generations both to accept culture and to develop investigative and creative skills, while the Culture Bazaar is part of planned high-quality education in all areas of art and culture, which should become part of out everyday life. more...

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