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Economy Tops Agenda



Corporate economy of bees - a model for people. Photo: STA
The Slovenian government wishes to speed up the process of effective economic re-structuring by improving the business environment and its competitiveness in terms of foreign investments. Therefore, it is preparing several amendments to legislation and other measures. In this, it is not forgetting about small and micro companies, said the PM. “Slovenia is slowly recovering. Yet the emerging optimism is fragile and we now that we cannot make cardinal mistakes, that politics will successfully encourage and alleviate this process so that growth will continue and employment will rise," said the PM.

In Slovenia’s economic plans, Turkey is one of its priority markets, while there is potential for direct investors from Turkey and Slovenia in third markets. Slovenian PM Cerar and Turkish president Erdogan mainly discussed energy, while the Turkish guest was interested in the details of the government’s priority project to modernise the railway network in Slovenia. Minister Počivalšek, who also attended a Slovenian-Turkish business forum while a strong economic and ministerial delegation was visiting from Turkey, said that the ministry was preparing a new programme in internationalisation of economic cooperation by 2020. He invited potential investors from Turkey to learn about the possibilities of investments within the privatisation process in Slovenia. One prospective area is better cooperation between the Port of Koper and Turkish ports, as Slovenia’s geo-political position is very favourable for Turkey.

The prime ministers of Slovenia, Austria and Croatia, joined by the European Commissioner responsible for energy, Maroš Šefčovič, made energy the main topic of the trilateral meeting last Saturday in Schladming. They agreed that energy is one of crucial areas where there is a lot of potential for job creation. Cerar said that the PMs were aware of the great significance of safe energy, which has to be available to people at the most favourable prices. Speaking of greater energy efficiency and lower negative effects, he added that Slovenia was on the right track in the area of clean energy and renewable resources.

Slovenia strives to maintain the highest EU standards, particularly in food safety, environment and social welfare. One such effort is to draw the attention of the world public on the significance of bees and bee products. In recent years, Slovenia has established itself as a country where bees and bee-keeping have a special place and are under special care. The Slovenian government is aware of the significance of bees to agricultural production and the risks to the health of bees and the quality of honey. Therefore, it will include food safety in its priorities at the United Nations within the platform for the 70th meeting of the UN General Assembly, and has proposed declaring a World Day of Bees on 20 May. This would mark the birthday of beekeeper Anton Janša, who is considered the father of modern beekeeping.

Slovenia and Turkey seek closer economic cooperation

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a state visit to Slovenia accompanied by five government ministers and a business delegation of about 150. The visit, during which the Turkish president met top Slovenian officials, was held in an amicable atmosphere and primarily focused on increasing economic cooperation between Slovenia and Turkey. According to the Slovenian and Turkish business forum, opportunities for this are opening in the tourism, telecommunications, food and chemical industry sectors. more...

PM Cerar on European energy union at the meeting of prime ministers of Slovenia, Austria and Croatia

PM Miro Cerar attended a trilateral meeting of prime ministers of Slovenia, Austria and Croatia in Schladming in Austria, where they were also joined by Maroš Šefčovič, the Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for energy. Cerar stressed that Slovenia supports a unified EU energy market. more...

Slovenia Business Point web site placed six when benchmarking EU contact points

In January 2015, the European Commission organised the testing of points of single contact providing support in procedures for acquiring permits to perform regulated activities in the European Union. Slovenia was one of 31 participating countries, and was ranked above average, as it placed sixth. According to the Commission’s assessments in 2010, Slovenia was only 24th. more...

German-owned companies in Slovenia plan to invest more

According to a survey of the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce, German-owned companies in Slovenia plan to invest more this year than they did in 2014 and expect to hire more people. The survey of German companies in Slovenia has been conducted by the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce since 2006. The survey shows that 53% of German companies in Slovenia believe the economic situation in the country is satisfactory, an improvement of 35 percentage points over last year's survey. more...

Petition for world day of bees at the UN

On the initiative of the Slovenian Beekeeping Association, the government supported the initiative of the Beekeeping Association of Slovenia to petition the United Nations for a world days of bees, which would be on 20 May, the birthday of Slovenian beekeeper Anton Janša, who is considered the father of modern beekeeping. more...

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