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The young are the pillars of the world



We should open our eyes to the ideas of the young, as they can think outside the box. Photo: Špela Švab
According to an old Slovenian saying, the young are the pillars of the world. “We should open our eyes to the ideas of the young,” said the leader of this year’s Young BSF Simona Leskovar, as the young have visions and ideas and can think outside the box. At this moment, 35 young people from all over the world are having discussions within Bled Strategic Forum (BSF), which are divided into three linked sections: innovative entrepreneurial environments, going green and the internet, internet surveillance and the right to be informed. All the topics are connected by a discussion on the partnership of vision, i.e. trust and cooperation, which will also be at the forefront of the 10th BSF.

Unfortunately, many young refugees from the restless Middle East and other unstable parts of the world have no possibilities to present their point, no rights, dignity or opportunities to survive at home, so they are compelled to embark on a perilous journey to a better tomorrow. Europe must provide them with a new opportunity. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said, “Europe fails when fear prevails”. Also the message of Young BSF is similar: "No partnership without trust can give birth to visions of the future."

The awareness that the refugee crisis is a problem has always been present in Slovenia. Although our country has not come under the pressure of greater migration so far, it is preparing intensively for the arrival of refugees from the Middle East. The Prime Minister has said that the government was taking a humanitarian position on the issues. He believes it is important to provide all the humanitarian aid that the refugees need and to approach this “openly and without fear”, while taking care of our own citizens. At Thursday’s conference on the Western Balkans in Vienna, the Slovenian PM expressed the hope that a joint solution would be found at the European level, taking into account the principles of humanitarianism and solidarity, while considering the integration capacities of different countries.

The refugee crisis somewhat overshadowed the main themes of the summit on the Western Balkans, which focused on bringing the region closer to the European Union, infrastructure projects, integration in the field of energy and youth. Prime Minister Cerar urged the other leaders to ensure that past political decisions do not hamper the prospects and future of the young in the region.

PM Cerar stresses the responsibility of politicians to young people in the region at the Conference on the Western Balkans

On Thursday, 27 August, the Slovenian PM attended the Conference on the Western Balkans, organised by Austria this year. According to the PM, the conference was another opportunity for dialogue with representatives of the international community, where Slovenia has steadily stressed the great role of continuous communication between the EU and the region and activities to bring the region closer to the EU. more...

Slovenia is preparing for the arrival of refugees

The government is seriously preparing for every possible scenario upon the arrival of refugees. PM Miro Cerar said that these are people in distress, so the government is taking a humanitarian stance. Despite concerns for a possible influx of migrants, the PM said that it is important to approach this “openly and without fear” and to ensure that the issue “does not cause disturbances in our country". more...

Young BSF wants to give a voice to the young

With the Young BSF starting today, 35 young professionals from a wide array of fields will be discussing some of the burning issues that concern all international decision-makers. "The young have visions and ideas, and we need to lend them an ear, because they know how to think outside the box," says Simona Leskovar, who is running the fifth edition of this gathering, which will provide a platform for young people to forge new partnerships and make contacts which they can use in the future. more...

AGRA – international fair of achievements

On Saturday, President Borut Pahor opened the AGRA international fair of food and agriculture at the site of Pomurje Fair in Gornja Radgona. For a week, 1785 exhibitors from 30 countries presented top technology, machines and equipment for agriculture and the food industry, and the best local and regional food, wines and organic produce. This year’s AGRA focused on the importance of fertile soil for ensuring a secure food supply, a topical issue, as 2015 is the International Year of Soils. more...

Slovenian pavilion at Expo very happy with the 'first half'

After first three months of World Expo in Milan, the Slovenian pavilion is very happy with the 'first half', as the number of visitors has risen to up to 6,000 a day and 760 companies have so far been included in the project. Since the opening, Slovenia has greatly upgraded the permanent exhibition in the pavilion, which is based on five themes: salt pans, bees, hiking and cycling, thermal and mineral waters, and the measurement of black carbon particles. more...

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