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Public administration is the key to country’s competitiveness



Slovenia is nearing Role-Model Estonia in E-services. Photo: Mostphotos
State administration is not a necessary evil; its effectiveness is a crucial element that influences the effectiveness and performance of the entire country. It also significantly affects the competitiveness and performance of the economy. In Slovenia, we are aware that we still have a lot to do in order to ensure an effective and transparent public sector which offers high-quality services. Therefore, the Ministry of Public Administration together with the Representation of the European Commission in Slovenia is hosting an international conference on modernising public administration this week. Public administration minister Boris Koprivnikar said in his introduction that "public administration is the key to the competitiveness of any country. The key to the general competitiveness of any country is how responsive, effective, and well-considered its public administration is.” According to the Prime Minister, Miro Cerar, Slovenia’s goal is to contribute to designing productive and innovative solutions for effectively managing European countries of the future. "A future based on sustainable development and respect for the interests of all stakeholders," said the PM.

Development challenges and opportunities were also addressed at the 5th Ljubljana Forum, which took place on the subject of the future of smart cities. Cities are crucial partners in the transition to a green economy, which is a prerequisite for competitiveness and a high quality of life in the future, the PM said in his speech. “Therefore, the transition to a green economy is a fundamental policy of this government, and smart citizens are among the topics of Slovenia’s Smart Specialisation Strategy.”

The Serbian president, Tomislav Nikolić, was on an official visit to Ljubljana this week. Talking to Cerar, he said that antagonisms between the countries in the region should never happen again as they did in the past. According to Cerar, Slovenia will continue to support Serbia in its process of joining the EU and continue to make efforts to ensure that the EU does not forget about the Western Balkans. Nikolić and Cerar also discussed the refugee and migration issue and expressed concern about EU internal borders closing in the future.

The discussion on Thursday at the meeting of EU interior ministers in Luxembourg showed that a joint European solution was needed, which Slovenia has urged the whole time. As state secretary Špenga said after the meeting, Frontex is one of the most significant elements of an effective system of managing external borders. “We are faced with a joint challenge and as partners we must respond together and with solidarity,” agreed the participants of the international conference on Eastern Mediterranean and Western Balkan refugee route.

Slovenia urges joint control of external border

In Luxembourg on Thursday, EU interior ministers urged joint control of the external border and the more effective return of illegal migrants. At the meeting, Špenga said: "Slovenia believes that while Frontex is a significant element of an effective border management system, the control of the external border is a primary obligation and responsibility of member states. Frontex can only coordinate activities, and only when requested by a member state." more...

Nikolić's visit marked by excellent relations between the countries

“Slovenia will continue to support Serbia on its path to joining the European Union and continue to urge at the European level that the EU should not forget the issue of the Western Balkans,” said Prime Minister Miro Cerar during the official visit of the Serbian President, Tomislav Nikolić. He also expressed the hope that Serbia would remain stable in the future and actively participate in European integration processes. more...

Encouraging citizens to use e-services

According to the Slovenian minister of public administration, Boris Koprivnikar, the organisation and exchange of data among services are vital for popularising e-services in public administration. In this field, Slovenia will soon be close to Estonia, the most digitally advanced country in Europe, said the minister on the sidelines of an international conference on effective and transparent public sector, which took place on 6 October in Ljubljana. Koprivnikar also mentioned lower prices as an incentive to use e-services. more...

Herman Van Rompuy decorated with the Order for Exceptional Services

At a special ceremony in the presidential palace, Slovenian President Borut Pahor decorated the former President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, with the Order for Exceptional Services for his contribution to the development of the European Union and special care for the equality of the nations making up the European Union. At a working lunch, Van Rompuy also met Prime Minister Miro Cerar, who thanked him for all his support for the joint European project and Slovenia. more...


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