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Volunteers are working round-the-clock helping police officers and medical staff handle the refugee situation. Photo: UKOM
The tide of refugees is still pressing on Slovenia’s borders. Yesterday, the government discussed comprehensive measures to handle the refugee crisis, and all possible scenarios and measures if the situation should worsen. It is carefully monitoring the situation in Austria, which the Austrian interior minister has said will not close its border by erecting physical barriers. Slovenia will do everything necessary to protect the border, while respecting humanitarian principles. It will also respect European rules, i.e. the Schengen rules, although the Slovenian minister said it is aware that the rules have not been adapted to the present situation. "Slovenia is the first country on the Balkan route that is making every effort to reduce immigration pressure," said minister Györkös Žnidar at the press conference on Thursday. She reiterated that the refugee crisis is a European problem, and effective control should be established on the external borders as soon as possible.

We will surely get better results if we act together rather than separately. Slovenia is still holding out hope that a 17-point action plan adopted by leaders of countries on the "Balkan migration route" at a meeting late on Sunday will limit the massive wave of refugees that has hit its borders in the last two weeks. "I want to see Europe find a united way to solve the refugee crisis, a common approach, and to show that it can be effective in finding a solution," Prime Minister Miro Cerar told host Christiane Amanpour on CNN on Monday.

"The pledges made by the countries on Sunday are a step forward...but they are only the first step," said PM Cerar after Sunday's EU-Balkans summit. Perhaps most significantly, after Slovenia complained for days about the lack of cooperation from Croatia, new arrivals have been announced ahead of time by Slovenia's southern neighbour since Monday.

On Thursday, Slovenia was elected to the UN Human Rights Council for the 2016–2018 period. It is the second time that the country will be represented in the human rights body since its establishment in 2006 and it is an acknowledgement to Slovenia and its diplomacy.

31 October is Reformation Day. Among the greatest achievements of the Reformation was the official birth of standard Slovenian in the first book in Slovenian, when the term Slovenian was also used for the first time. The Reformation laid the foundations for our cultural development and progress as a nation.

Calls for a spiritual and social overhaul are needed today, too, if we wish to open the doors to a better future and improve our everyday lives. During the Reformation, there was a great change in the mind of Europeans. What about today?

Slovenia will take developments into account

At yesterday’s press conference following the government session, the Minister of the Interior, Vesna Györkös Žnidar, said that the government had an in-depth discussion on comprehensive measures to handle the influx of migrants. According to the government, Slovenia is prepared for different situations and will take developments into account when stepping up measures. more...

The new system of registering migrants is excellent and effective

The new system of registration of migrants was proceeding very well, as the whole procedure for receiving migrants from their arrival in Dobova and first aid to their departure on a Slovenian train to Šentilj took one hour. The whole operation ran smoothly and without problems, said the State Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior, Boštjan Šefic. He also added that Slovenia is satisfied with Croatia’s cooperation. more...

Slovenia - new member of the UN Human Rights Council

On Wednesday, 28 October, Slovenia was elected to the Human Rights Council for the 2016–2018 period by the UN General Assembly in New York. The success in the elections is an acknowledgement to Slovenia and its diplomacy, including its long-standing engagement in, and positive contribution to, the protection and implementation of human rights around the world. more...

Prime Ministers Cerar and Đukanović urge stronger economic ties

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar hosted the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Milo Đukanović, on an official visit. The PMs focused on bilateral relations, which are at a very high level and are developing in all areas. Slovenian PM noted with satisfaction that bilateral relations are good. This is largely due to trust and the continuous active contacts established between the countries and people in culture, art, sport and business, development and political area, said Cerar. more...

Police reinforcements from EU countries

Slovenian police dealing with the refugee crisis were joined on Wednesday by five police officers from Germany, who arrived on the basis of a bilateral agreement. The first detachment of police reinforcements from Germany comes ahead of the separate arrival of 400 officers from the EU which was agreed on Sunday in Brussels. more...

Triglav patrol boat saves 100 people in the Mediterranean

The patrol boat Triglav has successfully carried out its first search and rescue mission at sea. On Wednesday, 28 October, the boat rescued 100 people (71 men, 17 women, 12 children) and disabled the smugglers’ boat. It is now handing the passengers over to the crew of a Norwegian boat, which will carry out further procedures. more...


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