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We have a responsibility to our own future



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At a time when the world is being shaken by scandals, unrest and various crises, we are all trying to find the right way, the right direction, relying on different points of orientation. The extraordinary extent of the migration crisis which has become part of our everyday life is a good indicator of the current situation. We cannot deny it, as we are an active part of the bigger global story; but it is our duty to respond to the tremors correctly and in time. The government agrees that Slovenia needs a clear long-term vision of development. We have a responsibility to our future that is proportionate to the expectations of citizens. Therefore, the government has decided to write publish the vision in a people-friendly way that also takes account of their contribution.

One of major goals is to make a transition to a circular economy, which is the only way to ensure sustainable development and long-term prosperity. The government is aware that all policies, from tax and fiscal policy to public procurement and research, need to be systemically modified and is prepared for this. By recently approving the framework programme for the transition to a green economy it has taken the first step, and the action plan already includes activities for this year and the next to promote the transition to the new model. Environment commissioner Karmenu Vella is very optimistic about the European Commission’s ambitious package, as it will preserve high goals for waste and clearly link the smarter use of material and smart design with re-use, upcycling and recycling. He is also inspired by Slovenia’s example, as it has taken big steps in short time in the area of recycling.

Encouraging news also comes from the industry. According to the PM, Krka pharmaceuticals, with its speed, responsiveness, credibility and clear development strategy, is an excellent example for the whole of Slovenian society. This was obvious at the opening of Notol 2, the new Krka plant for manufacturing solid usage forms. Cerar compared Krka’s clear view of the future with Slovenia’s, which also needs a strategy of development and close collaboration between politics, the business sector and other stakeholders.

That people in Slovenia know how to work together and make decisions is also proven by the recognition of the Commission, which considers Slovenia’s smart specialisation models one of the best in the EU. By approving the document, we are transitioning to the implementation stage of a package of measures, including establishing management structures that help create the conditions for comprehensive support for research and innovation activities in order to transition to the market in priority areas.

Transition to a circular economy requires cooperation and integration

In order to transition to a circular economy, which is one of Slovenia’s strategic focuses, active partnerships between all stakeholders is vital, was the message of participants and organisers of the Conference on the Circular Economy organised by Ecologists Without Borders in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning and the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy. more...

Towards 2050 with development vision

The three-day workshop entitled The Future Is Not Far. Slovenia 2050, held between 3 and 5 November in Ljubljana, was organised by the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy in collaboration with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). more...

PM Cerar: Slovenia’s efforts into assisting the refugees deserve respect

"If control of the external borders of the European Union is not effective soon and the great wave of migration continues, Slovenia may soon face uncontrollable numbers of migrants, particularly if Germany and Austria begin to limit their intake," Prime Minister Cerar said at Tuesday's press conference. more...

The reception of refugees is well-organised and effective

"Having thoroughly inspected the Šentilj accommodation centre this morning, I can assure you that the centre is well-organised and operating effectively, especially considering the fact that it accommodates over 4000 refugees and migrants at times," the State Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior, Boštjan Šefic, told the press at the conference on Monday. more...

Healthy soils for a healthy life

In recognition of the importance of soil for sustainable development, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the Global Soil Partnership passed a resolution in December 2013 to declare 2015 the International Year of Soils, supported by the slogan “Healthy soils for a healthy life”, and 5 December as World Soil Day. more...

Krka launches its biggest investment to date

On Wednesday, 4 November, the Krka pharmaceutical company officially opened its new manufacturing plant for solid dosage forms, Notol 2, at its headquarters in Novo mesto. The new plant, which cost 200 million euro, will produce an estimated 4.5 billion units per year. One of the guests at the opening was the Slovenian Prime Minister, Miro Cerar. more...

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