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We are all migrants


World Day of Migrants
18 December is the World Day of Migrants.

This year, Slovenia will celebrate it with the slogan, ‘We Are All Migrants’, which is a fact that we seem to forget too often. At different periods in history, Slovenians have emigrated to North and South America, Australia and different parts of Europe. Also in recent years, many young people from Slovenia seeking a better life have opted to live abroad.

Current migration from the Middle East requires the countries, societies and individuals to step into the shoes of those who come to the European borders in search of a better life. It's a small act of solidarity that we all can and should show. Migration faced by Europe is the result of demographic trends and global mobility, as well as poverty, lack of educational and employment opportunities, armed conflict, environmental pressure and climate change.

Climate change affects our everyday life, when we are eagerly expecting snowflakes to start falling from the sky in the middle of December, as well as global politics. Perhaps the latter has taken a step forward this week, as the first global climate deal was signed in Paris after years of negotiations and coordination. The deal should significantly help keep the rise of average global temperature under two degrees Celsius. In his first response to the confirmation of the agreement, Slovenian Prime Minister Cerar said that Slovenia had always promoted an ambitious plan and a legally binding document. It has also supported the idea of developed countries taking on a bit greater burden than developing nations, also as a sign of solidarity, and that greenhouse gas emission should be significantly reduced.

20 December is International Human Solidarity Day. And without solidarity no-one, not even our planet can survive.

Slovenia welcomes historical climate agreement

Paris, Ljubljana, 14 December 2015 - The new global climate agreement was adopted in Paris, uniting all countries in the fight against climate change for the first time in history. It took almost twenty-five years of efforts since the adoption of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change for the Parties to gather enough political will to adopt a binding climate agreement. more...

PM Cerar: I understand citizens’ concerns

“So far, almost 340,000 refugees have come to Slovenia, and their composition has not changed significantly in the recent period. Syrians are still in the majority, followed by Afghans, Iraqis, Pakistanis and others. Since the numbers have declined, the number of police officers and soldiers working with refugees and controlling the border has been reduced”, Boštjan Šefic, the State Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior said at a press conference in the middle of the week. more...

Slovenian government and Hewlett Packard Enterprise sign a memorandum of cooperation

On 17 December, Slovenia and Hewlett Packard Enterprise signed the memorandum of cooperation in which they committed themselves to strengthening cooperation in the field of potential development and referential implementation of solutions and technologies in the public sector, particularly with regard to innovative solutions in the Slovenian health care sector, as well as solutions in relation to the Internet of Things and smart cities, where Slovenia could become a reference country. more...

Slovenia and Monte Negro: Good bilateral cooperation on defence and the military

“An invitation to join NATO is a great achievement and recognition of your efforts, and an example to other countries of the Western Balkans of what can be achieved with clearly defined goals and commitment,” said Slovenia’s Ministry of Defence, Andreja Katič during the visit of her Montenegrin counterpart, Milica Pejanović Đurišić. more...

Ljubljana – UNESCO City of Literature

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, has received the permanent title of a city of literature, which UNESCO bestows on cities with a rich literary heritage and vibrant literary scene. These cities are aware of the significance of culture and the book for cities’ sustainable development. more...

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