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Slovenia Weekly

Celebrating 25


Slovenia is 25 years old. While this may not seem long in the life of a country, looking back reveals the intensity of past and present events.

23 December 1990 was a Sunday when the plebiscite on independence took place all across Slovenia. In the early hours of the morning voters took to the polling stations and overwhelmingly supported independence – more than 88 per cent of those eligible to vote were in favour of the independence. The state celebration last night was the first in the year of activities in Slovenia and abroad that will take place until 23 December 2016, the 25th anniversary of Slovenia’s constitution. The culmination of the events will be the celebration of Statehood Day (25 June 2016).

These anniversaries are not only an opportunity to celebrate and rejoice, but also to reflect upon where were are and where we are going. One can quite often hear these days that the present is happening with similar intensity as 1990 was. While the economic crisis between 2008 and 2013 did hurt the previously successfully Slovenian economy, we can look into the next year with optimism. The Eurobarometer poll published yesterday also reveals that optimism is returning among Slovenians, as it shows that while the share of those believing that economic situation in the country is good is lower than in other EU member states, it is higher by nine percentage points to what it was in spring.

What affected the passing year the most? Definitely migrations. According to Eurobarometer, as many as 74 per cent of respondents in Slovenia believe that immigration is the most significant issues currently faced by the EU (and its members), followed by economic situation (19%) and terrorism (17%).

Since September, over 350,000 people have crossed Slovenia, mostly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. We wish that their life settles down a bit in the festive season and that they find reasons for joy.

Happy holidays.

PS. The next Slovenia Weekly will be published on 8 January 2016.

Address by Prime Minister Miro Cerar

Slovenians gradually gained their independence, both politically and as a nation, over the past few centuries in highly complex and often turbulent, even military circumstances. I recall with pride the year 1991, when we finally succeeded. more...

Slovenian government nominates Dr Danilo Türk for the post of UN Secretary-General

Slovenian Government approved the decision nominating Dr Türk, was decided yesterday at the Government Session. Dr. Danilo Türk was the President of Slovenia between 2007 and 2012. Before that, he worked for the UN for a long time, including as the UN Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs under Kofi Annan. more...

Together for a healthy society

Yesterday, the Government discussed and approved the text of the Resolution on the National Health Care Plan 2016–2025 ‘Together for a Healthy Society’ and referred it to the National Assembly. This is the crucial document for developing the health-care sector in Slovenia by 2025. more...

Gov report: Over 350,000 migrants had entered Slovenia, 135 requested asylum

In Oktober and November, the influx of migrants clearly directed towards Slovenia, which became a transit point for migrants wishing to proceed to Western Europe. The second wave of migrants was very large, and required the activation across the national-security system and humanitarian organisations, and extensive international collaboration, the government's report on the activities performed during the second wave of migrations to Slovenia's territory between 1 October and 8 December 2015, which was discussed at yesterday’s government session, found. more...

Ten years of 'Our Rights' project

Human rights fundamentally contribute to long-term peace, stability and security. We are aware that education about the significance of human rights leads to preventing violations of human rights and helps achieve a just, democratic, tolerant and sustainable society that cherishes values and mutual respect. more...

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