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We will face significant challenges


The government began its first week in the new year with a traditional consultation meeting of the Slovenian diplomacy. This year’s meeting, already the 20th, focused on pending issues.

The highest state officials discussed migration, security, the internationalisation of Slovenian economy and the support that the diplomatic service can offer. In his speech, PM Cerar said that activities in the new year will still be dominated by the migration crisis, which Slovenia and the EU will have to face in the long term. According to Cerar, the resolution of this issue is connected to the existence of the EU. “Our absolute priority is to preserve Schengen area and Slovenia in it. Therefore, we have acted accordingly and will continue to do so.”

With regard to Slovenia’s foreign policy, foreign minister Karl Erjavec noted that it should respond to threats and challenges with all due determination, while always seek paths for dialogue, different solutions and positive shifts. “International relations have not been so complicated for a long time, we will face significant challenges.”

Finance minister Dušan Mramor received credit for positive shifts in the overhaul of the Slovenian banking system and Slovenia exiting recession from The Banker magazine in London, which selected him the European Finance Minister of 2016. Minister Mramor gratified about Slovenia’s international recognition, which is once again seen as a credible country with relatively high economic growth, and falling unemployment, particularly among the young.

Slovenians celebrated another extraordinary sports achievement: with fantastic performance, ski jumper Peter Prevc won the world ski jumping winter tour. “I believe this one of the best day of my life,” said Prevc after winning ….

…and we wish that there will be many such days this year …

PM Cerar: Schengen is our priority

The annual consultation meeting of Slovenian diplomats was held on 4 and 6 January 2016 in Brdo pri Kranju. This year’s meeting, already the 20th, focused on pending issues, including migration, global security, human rights, public finances, Slovenia’s priorities within EU’s global strategy and the internationalisation of Slovenian economy. more...

The government discussed identification procedures of refugees and migrants

The government also discussed the procedures for identifying and registering illegal migrants after their arrival in Slovenia, and the procedures for their return and acceptance in accordance with bilateral agreements, the Aliens' Act and the rules for implementing EU Regulation 604/2013 (the so-called Dublin Regulation) and care for asylum seekers. more...

Certified cash registers introduced with the new year

Slovenia is introducing certified cash registers with the beginning of the year. Certified cash registers are connected to a central information system of the Financial Administration. Together will other rules on cash transactions, verification of receipts is part of the system that enables traceability and effective control over receipts, which essentially contributes to reducing the grey economy. more...

Minister Mramor the top finance minister in Europe in 2016

The Banker magazine, of the Financial Times Group in London, selected Dr Dušan Mramor, Slovenian Minister of Finance, as European Finance Minister of the Year 2016. more...

Minister Židan sets new goals for agriculture in 2016

At a press conference, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Dejan Židan, and State Secretary Tanja Strniša presented their ministry’s priorities in 2016. Minister Židan highlighted three goals in 2016. more...

Record figures for Slovenian tourism

In 2015, Slovenian tourism set a record high. For the first time, there were over 10 million of overnight stays and a record growth in the number of foreign tourists in independent Slovenia, said the Slovenian Tourist Board. more...

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