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Consistent application of Schengen rules


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Slovenia's decision to fully apply the Schengen rules on the border with Croatia is in accordance with the decisions of the EU’s February summit, which was also confirmed in a statement at the EU-Turkey summit at the beginning of the week. Consistent application of Schengen controls means that entry to Slovenia is allowed to migrants with valid documents, to asylum seekers and anyone allowed entry by the Slovenian authorities for humanitarian reasons.

After tightening the border regime, interior minister Vesna Györkös Žnidar said that time will show the effect of the measures taken by Slovenia. State Secretary at the interior ministry, Boštjan Šefic, said that after the closure of the Balkan route, illegal migrations may increase, which, however, the Slovenian police are prepared for, according to Györkös Žnidar.

Györkös Žnidar also said that refugees from Greece and Italy would be accommodated in Slovenia in accordance with the contingency plan. Slovenia has not taken part in relocations so far, and should receive somewhat less than 600 people.

According to the Office of the UN High Commissioner, the share of women and children among refugees arriving in Greece in 2016 has reached 55 per cent. Female refugees travelling with young children often become victims of human trafficking and all forms of violence and discrimination. Calls to protect their rights were the focus of this year’s International Women’s Day. The Slovenian foreign ministry has said that anyone can commit to taking concrete steps to improve the situation of women, adding that involving women in resolving crisis and conflict situations was vital.

Gender equality remains a core value in the EU. Although the share of women and men in the private and public sectors are still not the same, Slovenia has the lowest pay gap between men and women in the EU (2.9%).

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