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Reason must prevail


Photo: Mostphotos
On Tuesday morning, the whole of Europe stood still. The attacks in Brussels immediately delivered a sobering realisation. Even thousands of kilometres away, it is difficult to keep a cool head. Too many of our relatives, friends and acquaintances are working in the city, so it is impossible not to be concerned.

Since Brussels is the centre of the European political powers-that-be, strong reactions in Slovenia and across Europe are understandable. However, attacks in the heart of the political Europe should be taken as one reason more, why the political elite, the media and other opinion leaders should strive to cool down emotions, avoid premature reactions and make sure that sober judgement prevails.

Linking the refugee issue and terrorist attacks is definitely not the way to achieve that. The reaction of some European countries which wish to withdraw from the very recent European agreement on relocating refugees from the currently most overwhelmed member states is a step in the wrong direction, one that the organisers of the attacks would like to impose on us, and one that the European civilisation cannot allow.

People fleeing to the EU due to personal hardship are wearing life vests, not suicide vests filled with explosives.

Slovenia has been working intensively to prepare for resettlements and relocations from third countries. After recently approving an implementation plan, the first group of people will arrive in April. The way that these people are received is immensely significant for Slovenian and European society. Solidarity and a humane approach is the only response which can end the endless spiral of violence in the long term.

Erjavec and Kovač: good relations, different opinions on pending issues

At their meeting in Ljubljana, the foreign ministers of Slovenia and Croatia, Karl Erjavec and Miro Kovač strongly condemned the terrorist attacks in Brussels and expressed solidarity and determination in jointly fighting terrorism. more...

Minister Mramor meets representatives of investors in London and receives recognition from The Banker magazine

On 21 March, the Minister of Finance, Dušan Mramor, met representatives of investors in Slovenia’s government bonds. more...

Microcredit to boost social entrepreneurship

On Monday, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology unveiled its new microcredit scheme for social enterprises. more...

Migration is a very significant issue for Slovenians

According to a Eurobarometer survey, the issue of migration ranks first among the most prominent, as it is the main concern for 48 per cent of Slovenians. more...

Clean water may present a strategic opportunity for Slovenia

In 1993, 22 March was designated World Water Day by the General Assembly of the United Nations. more...

In general, Slovenians are satisfied with their lives

According to a Eurobarometer survey, the majority (87 per cent) of respondents are generally satisfied with life in Slovenia. more...


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