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Hand in hand with civil society


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In the past week, we witnessed a unique historic event: for the first time in the 70-year history of the United Nations, presentations provided the global public with insights into the candidates for the highest position in the most significant international organisation. This year, Slovenia has nominated a candidate for the first time. Danilo Türk, Slovenia's former president, a reputable diplomat and professor of international law, had already presented a statement of his vision of UN development. He highlighted civil society and non-governmental stakeholders as crucial partners with which the UN should build its future.

In Slovenia, we have often come to realise how significant an active and engaged civil society is for Slovenia's development, and we are still coming to realise that now, as we are preparing to integrate a large number of refugees who have requested or will request asylum. Successful integration is unimaginable without NGOs playing an active role as an indispensible part of civil society. With appropriate government support, NGOs can apply specific knowledge and pursue activities to turn obstacles to integration into opportunities.

This does not apply only to migration. This week, a national conference, ‘Final Steps to a Development Strategy’, took place in Slovenia; the purpose of the conference was to discuss strategic development guidelines for NGOs and voluntarism in the future. At the conference, Prime Minister Cerar stressed that a high-quality civil society is an important third pillar, without which there is no stable sustainable development.

It is also important to realise that an active civil society does not develop overnight and that people are crucial: engaged individuals. We should start with the young.


Slovenia's candidate Türk at the presentation of candidates for UN Secretary-General

"I have a good feeling. Today’s discussion provided an opportunity to explain my view of the United Nations and perhaps provide concrete replies to questions as much as such an extensive discussion allows. It is difficult to say what will happen, as several procedural stages will follow, during which final opinions will be formed,” said Danilo Türk, the Slovenian candidate for the future UN Secretary-General after an informal dialogue at the UN’s General Assembly in New York which lasted over two hours. more...

PM Cerar: I advocate restructuring tax burdens

On Wednesday, 13 April 2016, representatives of foreign-owned companies met at their first summit, which was organised by Forum of Foreign Investors in Slovenia, operating as part of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The summit was also attended by Prime Minister Miro Cerar, the Minister of Economic Development Zdravko Počivalšek and State Secretary from the Ministry of Finance, Mateja Vraničar Erman. The summit was convened in a time when the government is drafting tax changes, offering an opportunity to discuss priority measures for improving the tax environment. more...

Second Urban Forum highlights the significance of partnerships for successful urban development

In cooperation with the Association of Urban Municipalities of Slovenia, the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning organised the second Slovenian Urban Forum entitled “Smart Cities – Partnerships for Green Growth”, which was attended by mayors of eleven Slovenian city municipalities. The forum seeks to highlight the significant role of cities and urban municipalities in the country’s development, promote new opportunities, exchange know-how, experience and models of cities for green growth and highlight the advantages of partnerships for growth and exploiting development opportunities. more...

National Reform Programme 2016–2017

The government approved the National Reform Programme 2016–2017, which the Ministry of Finance will refer to the European Commission. The crucial directions of Slovenia’s economic policy in 2016–2017 continue to apply or have been upgraded. The two vital goals are to promote growth and consolidate public finances by gradually reducing then general government debt. Therefore, priority measures have been defined which will positively affect productivity and launch an investment cycle and jobs, including measures on the labour market to improve employment prospects. more...

PM Cerar: "Open dialogue with civil society is a fundamental feature of the government's operation"

On 11 April 2016, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Miro Cerar, attended the national conference Final Steps to a Development Strategy, whose purpose was to discuss strategic development guidelines for NGOs and voluntarism in the future. more...

Prime Minister attends session of National Children’s Parliament

On 11 April, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Miro Cerar, attended a session of the National Children’s Parliament. At the twenty-sixth session of the Parliament, which revolved around the topic of the pitfalls of adolescence, the young discussed the dangers of the internet and social networks, as well as problems, violence and self-esteem. more...

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