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Comradeship, resistance and liberty


The symbol of Labour Day celebrations is a carnation. Photo: STA
This week has been marked with commemorations of important national holidays. A memory of the resistance organisation of Slovenians in World War II is kept alive by celebrations held every year on 27th April. At the national commemoration, speaker Milan Brglez, President of the National Assembly, emphasised that Slovenia is celebrating the fulfilment of three values, i.e. the resistance, comradeship and liberty. The tree guidelines also represent the core values for the Slovenian nation and state.

On the eve of the 1st of May, bonfires will be lit across Slovenia to mark another celebration. Celebrated as Labour Day, the 1st of May commemorates those who fought for workers’ rights, keeping their memory alive, also as a warning to generations today that these rights are still not respected everywhere equally.

This year’s April is also marked by the improved situation in the economy, and by hope that Slovenia is recovering from the crisis. The recovery is expected to reflect in the employment rates as well, and the more ample the employment opportunities, the less room for disrespectful conduct towards employees. Also, more possibility of choice will give more power to workers.

Resistance Day – commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the establishment of the Liberation Front

The Resistance Day, celebrated on 27th April, keeps alive the memory of the Liberation Front of the Slovenian Nation, the central resistance organisation of Slovenians in World War II, which was founded 75 years ago. more...

Strengthening the cooperation between Slovenia and China in the field of aviation

On Monday, the representatives of Slovenia and China signed two agreements in Ljubljana, which aim is to further strengthen the cooperation in the field of aviation. more...

In April 2016 the sentiment indicator higher at the monthly and annual level

In April 2016 the sentiment indicator was 2.3 percentage points higher at the monthly level and 1.3 percentage points higher at the annual level. more...

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