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Schuman and solidarity


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Europe Day, which is celebrated on 9th May, is the holiday marking European integration, peace and unity. Europe Day was announced in 1950 by the declaration of the French foreign minister Robert Schuman. The declaration emphasized the importance of political cooperation in Europe for ensuring a lasting peace among European nations. The message of the declaration was that war in Europe must become “not only unthinkable, but materially impossible”.

In more than 60 years of its existence, the European Union was able to maintain peace, create a single market with more than 500 million residents, and make sure that human rights are respected. Therefore it remains its responsibility until this day to successfully overcome challenges in the fields of migration, terrorism, economic growth and employment, and especially those related to the rise of populism and intolerance.

Solidarity is a special challenge for modern Europe. Faced with mass migrations to the EU territory, the European Commission introduced a number of measures, including relocation of refugees between EU Member States, who are, however, mostly not excited about the scheme. Slovenia has always supported the proposed measure and started to actively implement it yesterday, when the first group of 30 refugees from Greece arrived.

People in Slovenia are aware that solidarity is the basic foundation of every society that wants a peaceful future. This is probably what Schuman also had in mind when he wrote the declaration.

PM Cerar: With their social innovations, young people are our best possible role models

Prime Minister Miro Cerar joined students at Slovenske Konjice high school for the Startup Weekend of Social Innovations 2016 entrepreneurial event, where he listened to the presentations of their business ideas. more...

Slovenia to grant €300 million to tackle youth unemployment in the next five years

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the 2016–2020 Youth Guarantee Implementation Plan. more...

The first group of refugees arrives from Greece as part of the relocation scheme

Yesterday, the first group of refugees in need of international protection arrived to Slovenia from Greece as part of the relocation scheme. more...

Second meeting of the Joint Slovenia-Friuli Venezia Giulia Committee

On Tuesday, 10th May, Nova Gorica hosted the 2nd meeting of the Joint Slovenia-Friuli Venezia Giulia Committee, co-chaired by Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec and the President of the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, Debora Serracchiani. more...

Slovenia hosted NATO Conference on Weapons of Mass Destruction Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-proliferation and signed a memorandum with NATO on cooperation in cyber defence

The 12th international NATO Conference on Weapons of Mass Destruction Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-proliferation in Ljubljana was attended, among other guests, by NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow. more...

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