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Shortening the Distances


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Modernisation of the Pragersko–Hodoš railway line is one of our top priorities in establishing competitive rail connections with Eastern Europe. This has been the largest implemented transport infrastructure project following the construction of the Slovenian motorway network, which will have positive effects on the economy of Slovenia and neighbouring states.

The Pragersko–Hodoš railway line is an integral part of the Mediterranean corridor and also part of the Lyon–Trieste–Divača/Koper–Divača–Ljubljana–Budapest–Ukrainian border railway axis. Rapid development of the said railway axis is one of the European Union priorities, and the Pragersko–Hodoš railway line has, until now, been the only part of the transport corridor not yet electrified.

With the modernization, upgrade and electrification of the Pragersko–Hodoš railway line completed, the project coincides with the anniversary of the restoration of railway line connecting Slovenia and Hungary, 170th anniversary of the first train ride on the Slovenian territory, and the 25th anniversary of the independent and sovereign Republic of Slovenia.

The local residents and the economy of the entire country will also feel other benefits from this investment, such as a greater capacity of the railway line, more environmentally friendly rides, and shorter travel times.

The distances amongst successor states of the former common state of Yugoslavia are also getting easier to overcome. As a result of time distance, 25 years after Yugoslavia fell apart and 15 years after the Agreement on Succession Issues was signed, not all succession issues have yet been resolved.

The Agreement on Succession Issues is without a doubt one of the key international treaties entered into by Slovenia as an independent state, also representing one of the priorities for the Slovenian foreign policy.

The message of the international conference, which was hosted by Slovenia this week, was that the Agreement on Succession Issues is very much alive today, that it has a far more important role than it had 15 years ago, when it was signed, and that it represents a cornerstone of progress in resolving the outstanding issues between states in the region.

With this agreement, the politicians and diplomats recognized success, which may not yet have an epilogue, but at least the successor states have now again sat down at the negotiation table.

The largest investment in railway infrastructure

Slovenia has completed the Project of reconstruction, electrification and upgrade of the 109-km Pragersko–Hodoš railway line, which was the last non-electrified section in the Mediterranean Corridor. more...

Slovenia ratifies Protocol on the Accession of Montenegro to NATO

On Wednesday 8th June, the Slovenian Parliament ratified the Protocol on the Accession of Montenegro to NATO with a great majority of votes. Slovenia was the second state from all 28 Member States of the Alliance to ratify the document. more...

Cerar and Thaci would like to further strengthen political and economical ties between Slovenia and Kosovo

PM Miro Cerar and Kosovo President Hashim Thaci both acknowledged the excellent relations between the two states and called for further strengthening of political, economic and cultural ties between the two states and nations. more...

Committed to science

This week, the field of science received special attention in Slovenia. The main reason was the Pregl Award ceremony, which also marked the 70 years of the National Institute of Chemistry Slovenia, which is one of the leading institutions that promotes fresh knowledge and innovations in chemistry at the national as well as the international level. more...

Conference on succession confirms the importance of consistent implementation of Agreement on Succession

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the signature of the Agreement on Succession Issues, the National Assembly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the High Representative for Succession organized an international conference Agreement on Succession Issues – 15 years later, which was held on June 7, 2016 in Ljubljana. more...

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