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The first 25 years


Slovenian flag on top of Slovenian highest mountain Triglav. Photo: Joco Žnidaršič
On 26th June 1991, I was at the Trg Republike square, standing in the crowd that was anxiously awaiting the moment when Slovenia would be declared independent. As a fifteen-year-old, I did not took much notice of words of the then President who said that “today, dreams are allowed, tomorrow is a new day”. However, I do remember the atmosphere; people were full of expectations, excitement and hope. On my way home, not even soldiers on the streets of Ljubljana in the early morning hours were able to drive away the positive feelings.

What happened next is a well known story. The first years of independence were hard, mainly due to the loss of former markets, but Slovenia was soon well on its way. The first international recognitions, membership in the United Nations, EU, NATO and OECD, and adoption of the euro currency were just some of the key milestones, which were accompanied by high economic growth and progress in all areas.

At the moment, it seems that the state is slightly exhausted. The rapid development and intense events in the domestic and foreign policy demanded their toll, as did the global economic crisis that hit the small Slovenian economy very hard. Equally hard to tackle were last year’s migration problems that occurred as a result of climate change combined with the deteriorating geopolitical situation.

But still. Things are slowly turning for the better. Over this past year, Slovenia has recorded economic growth and improved its credit ratings and unemployment rate. While the euphoria from twenty-five years ago might have faded away, people’s expectations are still high. Fortunately, these expectations are the main drive for necessary changes and promotion of new solutions that will help us preserve a humane society.

Tonight’s state ceremony, which will be attended also by Presidents of Italy, Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Germany, may not be a moment to dream but a moment for a realistic reflection on where we stand and where we would like to go in the future. Because tomorrow there will certainly be a new day.

Government on amendments to the 2017 state budget and preparing the budget for 2018

Yesterday, the Government discussed and adopted the basis for amendments to the 2017 state budget, the preparation of the 2018 budget, and a split of budget expenditures among budget users. more...

Minister Mramor: “The credit rating increase is an incredible achievement for Slovenia”

Last week the EU ministers of finance confirmed proposal by the European Commission that Slovenia would end the procedure relating to the excessive general government deficit after seven years. Minister of Finance Dušan Mramor commented the news by saying: “Today is a very good day for Slovenia. It once again became an economically stable state.” more...

Refugees among us and with us

Slovenia marked the World Refugee Day together with non-governmental organizations and refugees living in Slovenia. Through various events, we tried to raise awareness about the position of refugees in the world, Europe and Slovenia. “The refugees staying in Slovenia should represent an opportunity for us to understand diversity, enrich knowledge, teach tolerance and show our humane side,” said Minister of the Interior Vesna Žnidar Györkös. more...

Slovenia among the top ten safest countries

The Institute for Economics and Peace published a new list of world's safest and also most dangerous countries. The Global Peace Index 2016. Slovenia ranks high, at the tenth place. It ranks above Belgium, which, just last year, was still ahead of Slovenia, but is now at the 28th place. more...

Prime Minister addressed the Slovenian Armed Forces members in international operations and missions

To mark 25 years of the independent Republic of Slovenia, Prime Minister Miro Cerar attended a video-conference with members of Slovenian Armed Forces contingents, who participate in international operations and missions. They presented their work and explained how they are going to celebrate the Statehood Day. more...

The Story of 25 Years

25 years is the right time-span for our state and our citizens to look back and gauge what has changed, what has improved and what has remained the same. more...

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