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On the path to maturity


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The monumental decision of British voters to leave the European Union will have a serious impact that could resonate for decades or even longer. The European and global thinkers predicted that it will lead to severe consequences for both the United Kingdom and European Union. Some even think that the EU is facing an existential crisis that will be more exponential than the Greek and migrant crisis together. When the dust settles down, the time will come to make sober assessments and draw some lessons.

As expected, the United Kingdom's EU membership referendum overshadowed other topics scheduled for the European Union leaders summit, which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday in Brussels. The Summit's key messages were clear: Great Britain’s exit from the European Union cannot be reversed and the official notice of its intention to leave should be issued as soon as possible.

Slovenia remains strongly committed to further enhancement of the European Union. As its Member State, it does not expect the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union to bring any major direct consequences for Slovenia. Cerar is convinced that the European Union will remain, and that it must survive even without the United Kingdom. He emphasized that the decision of Great Britain to leave the European Union is expected to result in additional strengthening of the Union and an incentive to carry out its reforms; he also believes that EU is on its path towards maturity and that Brexit has only speeded up this process.

Miro Cerar: For a unified and strong European Union

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar attended the two-day summit of the European Union leaders, where Britain's exit from the European Union was discussed. Cerar, who respects but also regrets the decision of Great Britain, is convinced that the European Union should be maintained and further strengthened as a community and a project promoting peace, cooperation, freedom, and safety. more...

After Brexit: indirect effect on the Slovenian economy

In his response to Thursday’s referendum, in which British people voted to leave the European Union, Minister of Finance Mramor said Slovenia will do everything in their power to reduce the effect of Great Britain leaving the EU. more...

Positive reviews mark the 25th anniversary of Slovenian Police Force

During the ceremony marking the 25th anniversary of the Slovenian Police Force, which was held at Brdo pri Kranju, speakers emphasized some of the important steps taken over its 25 years of operation in the independent state. They pointed out that police officers should be proud of many past achievements and prepared for new security challenges they will have to face in the upcoming period. more...

Welcome home

In early summer, Slovenian communities from the neighbouring countries traditionally gather in their home country and socialize while enjoying the Slovenian music, dance and exquisite cultural events. On the 25th anniversary of Slovenian independence, a meeting will be held at the heart of Slovenia – the European Green Capital of Ljubljana. more...

Safeguarding the Future

Recent developments have undermined the common feeling of security, stability, and freedom. The world has been caught in a maelstrom of geostrategic upheavals, the response to which will significantly affect our common future based on shared values and norms. more...

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