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European revitalisation of the Balkans


Photo: Mostphotos
One of the main fears found in countries in the Western Balkans is that the result of the British referendum will slow down or even stop the enlargement of the Union. Western Balkans is a European region where enthusiasm for the European Union is still strongly present, while expectations might sometimes be too high. However, there is still much to do and many reforms will have to be implemented. The question of when and if these states will become members of the European Union is not significantly relevant. However, they do need the mentioned prospect because it is the only thing pushing them to modernise themselves and implement reforms. As a matter of fact, the European Union is one of the rare things that brings Western Balkans states together. The possibility of joining the EU must remain open because these states could very easily turn back to nationalism. And what were the consequences of nationalism in this part of Europe in the past is well known.

The exit of one of the Member States from the European Union also affected the summit of the Western Balkans countries, which took place in Paris on Monday. Besides the six states from the region, the event was also attended by leaders from six EU Member States. According to Slovenian Prime Minister Cerar, the bilateral meeting between the Slovenian Prime Minister and French President Hollande can be seen as recognition of Slovenia’s efforts within the Brdo Process and an opportunity to strengthen ties in terms of Europe's future after a possible exit of the United Kingdom.

The stability and peace in the Balkans is not only in Slovenia's strategic interest, but is in fact vital for its very existence. Any destabilisation of the Balkans would have direct economic, political, security and other impacts on Slovenia. “We should be aware that the Western Balkans is a delicate area and some of the relationships there are fragile, which is why it is even more important to encourage dialogue among the Western Balkans states as well as their dialogue with the European Union,” pointed out the Slovenian Prime Minister.

Western Balkans Summit on the European perspective

Prime Minister Miro Cerar attended the Western Balkans Summit where the heads of some EU member states and Western Balkans states emphasized that the accession process of states which fulfil the criteria for membership has to continue despite the numerous challenges faced by the European Union. more...

Minister Počivalšek: A widely open door for Slovenian space industry

Minister of Economic Development and Technology Zdravko Počivalšek and Director General of ESA Johann-Dietrich Woerner signed an association agreement that Slovenia entered into with the European Space Agency (ESA) in an official ceremony at ESA Headquarters in Paris. more...

PM Miro Cerar: Lek’s new acquisition is especially important for Slovenia's development

Prime Minister Miro Cerar attended the opening of the first plant in Slovenia designed for the production of active ingredients for innovative medicinal products at the Lek Company, who is a member of the Sandoz Group. more...

Positive shifts in the economy

Since early 2016, Slovenia has experienced significant positive shifts in the economy. At the end of June, the registered unemployment dropped below 100,000 for the first time since September 2010, and it decreased for the fifth consecutive month on a monthly and annual level. There were 99,795 unemployed persons registered at the end of the month, which was 2.4% less than in May 2016 and 9.5% less than in June 2015. more...

Cooperative Week 2016

As part of the Government's strategic project promoting social entrepreneurship, cooperatives and economic democracy, a Cooperative Week was held in Slovenia, which also marked this year's International Cooperative Day observed on the first Saturday of July. more...

European Citizen’s Prize 2016

Slovenian photographer, philosopher and fighter for the rights of the blind Evgen Bavčar, who lives and works in Paris, is this year's recipient of the European Citizen's Prize that has been awarded by the European Parliament since 2008. The award is intended to honour individuals, projects or initiatives that promote cross-border cooperation and understanding in the EU. more...


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