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The defender of the Schengen area


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This week marks one year since a vast number of refugees crossed Slovenia for the first time, and six months since the Western Balkans migration route in Macedonia has been partly closed. During the last year’s migration wave, around one million migrants crossed the Western Balkans.

Austria and Slovenia are now preparing for another influx of refugees and partial border closing, which will be required if the wave intensifies once again. The enhancement of relations between the two states will allow a cooperation in resolving the refugee crisis, emphasised prime ministers of both states after their Monday meeting in Ljubljana.

At the moment, Prime Minister Cerar does not find it necessary to close the borders. From now on, Slovenia will no longer allow exceptional humanitarian crossing as it has in the past and will, if extraordinary circumstances arise, adopt temporary emergency measures. Cerar believes that all EU member states should actively participate in the protection and control of the external Schengen border should there be an increased influx of illegal migrants.

Effective protection of EU external borders

On Monday Prime Minister Miro Cerar hosted Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern at a meeting in Ljubljana, where they confirmed excellent bilateral relations between the two states. The work meeting took place mostly in light of the preparations for an informal EU summit that is scheduled to take place in Bratislava on 16 September. more...

Slovenia lodged inter-state application against Croatia regarding Ljubljanska Banka claims towards Croatian companies

The Republic of Slovenia lodged before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) an inter-state application against the Republic of Croatia related to the claims of Ljubljanska Banka towards Croatian companies. more...

Green. Creative. Smart.

On Monday, Prime Minister Miro Cerar opened the 49th International Trade and Business Fair (Mednarodni obrtni sejem MOS), which is, according to Cerar, a true showcase of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity. As he emphasised, the Government will continue to talk with the economy sector to make active efforts to improve the economic climate. more...

Slovenia assumes new role in global sports

The elections held in Athens were one of the most important milestones in Slovenian sport as Slovenian candidate Aleksander Čeferin was elected the new UEFA President. Since as many as 42 out of 55 national federations voted for him, he was able to fill in the most influential position in European football. Čeferin was elected by a majority vote. more...

The 19th Slovenian Film Festival

The 19th Slovenian Film Festival, which will be screening 98 films, opened on Wednesday, 13 September at the Portorož Auditorium. Minister of Culture Tone Peršak announced an increase in state funding for the Slovenian film but admitted that the funds will not rise proportionally to the talents of numerous award-winning Slovenian filmmakers that soon. more...

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