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While Europe has more than 200 majority languages and approximately 60 regional or minority languages, there are 24 official languages in the European Union. The Council of Europe declared 26 September as the European Day of Languages. The aim is to raise awareness about the cultural and linguistic diversity as well as awareness that learning a language improves mutual understanding and opens the door to new employment opportunities.

A major challenge for language learning is posed by the arrival of migrants and refugees. In Slovenia, all school-age refugee children, i.e. asylum-applicants, have begun attending primary school. There are currently 43 children in seven primary schools learning Slovenian, and 38 persons are attending classes for adults.

In order to enable a more effective integration of refugees, the latter have been included in additional Slovenian language courses and individual sessions. Slovenia has been praised by the EU for not separating the migrant children from their Slovenian peers for long periods. Furthermore, migrants should be given the opportunity to learn their mother tongue since this gives them a signal that they too are a part of our society and also improves their learning achievements.

Mediterranean Coast and Macroregional Strategies Week

Various stakeholders, who co-shape the common environment in the wider region – i.e. the Danube Region, the Adriatic Coast and the Alps, met on the Slovenian coast to mark the Mediterranean Coast and Macroregional Strategies Week. At the opening ceremony, the attendees were addressed by Prime Minister Miro Cerar, who called for a greater connectivity, which is the main topic of this year’s Mediterranean Coast and Macroregional Strategies Week. more...

Eco-Schools in the spirit of respect for nature and fellow humans

On Monday, the 600 Eco-School Programme coordinators were addressed by Prime Minister Miro Cerar at the traditional annual conference in Brdo pri Kranju. He emphasised the great significance of the Eco-School mission to raise awareness in young people, and bestowed the Green Flag Awards and other recognitions to Eco-Schools. more...

PM Miro Cerar: Illegal migrations along the Western Balkans route will no longer be tolerated

"The decision that illegal migrations will no longer be tolerated has grown stronger," Prime Minister Miro Cerar explained after the summit on the Western Balkans migration route, which was organised today in Vienna by the Federal Chancellor of Austria. more...

Fitch agency increases Slovenia's rating

Ministry of Finance is pleased with more good news for Slovenia. After Standard & Poor increased their credit rating for Slovenia back in June and gave it an A (stable outlook), a similar rating was given by Fitch. On Friday, 23 September 2016, the Fitch credit rating agency increased Slovenia's credit rating by one full grade, i.e. from BBB+ to A-. The outlook is now stable. more...

Slovenia declared world’s first Global Green Destination

The slogan of this year’s World Tourism Day was “Tourism for Everyone”, which stresses the importance of making tourism accessible for vulnerable groups as well. more...

Slovenia's World Honeybee Day bid endorsed by all FAO members

At Thursday's session in Rome, the Committee on Agriculture (COAG) of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) held the first official debate on the Republic of Slovenia’s proposal for the observance of World Honeybee Day. The initiative received strong support from FAO Member States. more...

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