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PM Cerar: We do not wish simply to follow world trends, we want to play an active part in shaping them

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar is on a two-day working visit to the United Arab Emirates. He began his visit by participating in the World Government Summit.

PM Miro Cerar spoke today as one of the main speakers at the World Government Summit, which is an international platform based in the UAE. This year the conference, which is attended by more than 4000 people, is devoted to the topic of smart governance and the smart governance process. “The conference is an opportunity for Slovenia to consolidate its position as a green and innovative country that is oriented towards knowledge-based sustainable development. Slovenia presents itself as a country that can offer interesting solutions in the area of digitalisation, smart solutions and the circular economy,” pointed out Dr Cerar on his arrival at the conference.

In his address, PM Cerar noted that “humanity is facing numerous global challenges, which demand an immediate and coordinated response on the part of both the public and private sectors.” The PM cautioned that “for a bright future, we must include the concept of sustainability in our way of life, national politics and business models. In Slovenia this is anchored in our consciousness and our way of life.” He pointed out that some of the key factors promoting sustainable development in Slovenia are technology, the outstanding education system, the creativity of Slovenians and their respect for work and nature.
In his address the Prime Minister emphasised that in Slovenia we are “focused on seeking out new opportunities for more efficient state administration and on the development of new business initiatives as part of a digital economy.” The Slovenian Government has been the first in the world to obtain authorisation for a government computing cloud, meaning that it attains the highest standards for providing cloud services, the PM added.
The Prime Minister said that “Slovenia is not investing effort just in the development of new technological solutions, innovations and inventions. Our vision is to use modern digital technology so as to promote sustainable and inclusive growth and in this way improve the quality of life. We do not wish simply to follow world trends, we want to play an active part in shaping them. Our goal is to become a reference green country with a digital changing society.”
In his address the PM underlined that it is extremely important for “young people to be educated to the extent that they can shape a sustainable future. We should not forget that young people are our future. And it is our responsibility to present this future to them by example, so that through best practices we become their teachers.”

During the World Government Summit, PM Cerar also met with Ms Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO. Their meeting was intended to mark the 25th anniversary of Slovenia’s cooperation with UNESCO, and they assessed Slovenia’s membership of the UNESCO Executive Board. In his address, the Prime Minister noted the importance of the further entry of Slovenian heritage on the UNESCO list.
In the afternoon the PM will meet with the political leaders of the UAE, and in the evening as part of his visit he will also meet with Slovenians living and working in Dubai. The most numerous community of Slovenians in the Gulf region lives in fact in the UAE.