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PM Miro Cerar with EU leaders on migration and security

After the European Council meeting, Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia Miro Cerar highlighted that the leaders have confirmed their commitment to the EU–Turkey Agreement, as it contributes significantly to decreasing the uncontrolled migration flows in EU. Prime Minister Cerar defended a constructive dialogue with Turkey, stressing that the EU should warn Turkey about upholding key respect for the European democratic values.

After the European Council meeting, Cerar said that the leaders have condemned the continuous attacks on Aleppo and urged for a cease fire in Syria. The Slovenian Prime Minister warned that actions should be taken in accordance with the international humanitarian law both in East Aleppo and elsewhere in the country, and especially in areas where civilians are under attack. The EU, who until now has supplied most of the humanitarian aid and has been actively helping to secure civilian evacuation, must strengthen its role in solving the Syrian crisis in the future. Cerar stated in Brussels that the leaders focused their discussion on removing the reasons for irregular migrations and welcomed the progress in partner agreements with selected African countries. All leaders agreed that strengthening cooperation with the countries where migrations originate from is key in the long-term problem solving of illegal migration.

Part of the December session was also dedicated to security and defence, especially to the implementation of the EU internal security strategy and to the strengthening of cooperation in external security and defence.

Prime Minister Cerar once again called for unity, solidarity, and further development in the EU. "It is incredibly important that the question of prospects for young people has been discussed with the rest of the issues," the Prime Minister explicitly stated. Slovenia supports the establishment of the European Solidarity Corps that are meant to encourage and include the youth and are dedicated to intergenerational solidarity through volunteer work.

At the December meeting, the leaders agreed to extend economic sanctions towards Russia for six months. The important topics in the discussion also included the Ukraine–EU Association Agreement. The states came to an agreement about strengthening ties between the EU and Ukraine, which should enable the ratification of the agreement in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is the only Union member which has not yet ratified the agreement with Ukraine, as its citizens rejected it at the referendum.

After the European Council meeting, the leaders of the 27 members discussed preparations for Brexit at a working dinner, which did not include British Prime Minister Theresa May. Prime Minister Cerar highlighted that a unified and coherent approach of the EU is needed to prepare and negotiate with the Great Britain, and that Brexit must not divide the remaining 27 member countries. He decisively advocated for the preservation of a unified joint market with all four freedoms and the current level of European financial perspective.