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Prime Minister Cerar concludes participation at EU summit in Brussels

As part of the December summit of European leaders in Brussels, Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar took part in the meeting of euro area countries on the topic of the future of economic and monetary union, and the meeting of the 27 concerning negotiations over the departure of the UK from the European Union (Brexit). Following the summit he also held a separate bilateral meeting with Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, with whom he agreed that he would visit Zagreb in the coming week.

At the EU summit Prime Minister Cerar represented the position of Slovenia, which concurs with the need to enhance economic and monetary union (EMU). European leaders agreed on granting a new mandate to the Eurogroup and to the ECOFIN Council to continue work on enhancing EMU up to the June meeting of the European Council. Slovenia is pursuing in particular the goal of ensuring an effective system of management, where everyone's voice can be heard, while taking into accont the special features of small, open economies. Slovenia takes the view that the objective of enhancement must be to stimulate the convergence of economies in EMU and the EU.


The leaders of the 27 also discussed progress in negotiations with the United Kingdom regarding Brexit. They assessed the progress as satisfactory, a view shared by Slovenia, which gave its consent to the further negotiation guidelines. In the view of the Slovenian Prime Minister it is vital to ensure the continued unity of the EU27 in the negotiations, which following today's decisions will move into the second phase.


Following these meetings, Prime Minister Cerar held a separate informal meeting with his Croatian counterpart Andrej Plenković. This was one more in a series of meetings the two have had in recent months on the sidelines of various events abroad, while dialogue has also progressed continuously on expert levels. The Slovenian and Croatian Prime Ministers agreed that PM Cerar would visit Zagreb this coming Tuesday. In the words of the Slovenian Prime Minister, this will be the final opportunity for the two countries to jointly achieve specific progress in implementing the arbitration ruling before the expiry of the six-month deadline on 29 December.