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Press release

PM: “Today we celebrate the anniversaries of two media sources that promote bilingualism, keeping informed and preserving national identity.”

In Lendava this evening, Slovenian Prime Minister Marjan Šarec addressed a crowd that had gathered to celebrate the 60th anniversary of radio programming and the 40th anniversary of television programming in the Hungarian language on RTV Slovenija.

He noted that these are two important anniversaries of media sources that promote bilingualism, keeping informed and preserving national identity. “We Slovenes are also a nation that knows what it’s like to live outside your homeland. Both the Hungarian and Slovenian nations are well aware that we have to provide for those across the border and that the home countries cannot forget about them.”


He stated that Slovenia always has and always will support its ethnic communities, both the Hungarian and the Italian. Furthermore, the Constitution provides that each ethnic community is represented by a deputy in the National Assembly. According to the prime minister, cooperation with both ethnic communities is excellent, as everyone involved knows that cooperation is all the more important in these times when certain forces are attempting to create divisions and to foment discord and unrest. “We live in times when it is important to know where you belong, when it is important that we are all jointly responsible for our coexistence, and that we are all called upon to work with people with different points of view and to respect one another,” said Šarec.


Both media sources have done a large amount of work to date. The PM recalled the show Hidak – Mostovi [Bridges], which he watched as a child and which even then brought information, language and culture from the east to homes throughout Slovenia.


He expressed his hope that both media sources and everyone in attendance will continue to live together in the future, and that it is everyone’s duty to respect their own nation, language and culture and at the same to enrich and respect the culture of their neighbours.


“I wish you many more great shows and news programmes, and continued coexistence, cooperation and tolerance,” concluded the prime minister.


According to the management of RTV Slovenija, this is an important anniversary for both electronic media sources, which have strived throughout their existence to preserve the mother tongue, to raise its use to a higher level and to inform the members of the Hungarian ethnic community of their origins, roots, culture and kinship.