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Press release

Prime minister addresses diplomatic corps at beginning of new year

Slovenian Prime Minister Marjan Šarec and Mrs Barbara Iskra Šarec together with Slovenian President Borut Pahor and Mrs Tanja Pečar hosted a reception for the diplomatic corps at the beginning of the year at Brdo pri Kranju.

In his address, the prime minister expressed his pleasure at being able to meet with the ambassadors to the Republic of Slovenia, with the expectation that relations with the countries represented by the ambassadors will continue to improve in all areas. 


Slovenian foreign policy remains in place within the known frameworks of its past strategic foreign policy orientations, where the prime minister noted that Slovenia’s international position and its foreign-policy orientation are primarily determined by its membership in the EU and NATO. This also determines the priority tasks of our foreign policy. “Of course we are also aware of the importance of the wider international sphere, where we will be facing the challenges with a more proactive foreign policy, including the seeking of opportunistic alliances.”


“In Slovenia we believe in the future of the European Union and we will do everything in our power to help it become stronger, more resilient and more effective. With regard to Slovenia, we have found that there is significant support for this type of European Union amongst both Slovene politicians and the general public. We will continue to work in particular within the framework of preparations for Slovenia’s presidency of the EU Council and its implementation in the second half of 2021.”


He also mentioned the upcoming European elections, which will in many ways create a new political landscape in the EU, and expressed the hope that this landscape will be that of a liberal, open European Union. 


“Concern for the security and welfare of the countries in our immediate neighbourhood should be both a reflection of the principles of shared responsibility and solidarity, as well as the principle of subsidiarity as one of the foundations of modern international law. Closing ourselves up inside our own borders, whether national or regional, is not the right solution. Sovereignism, the increasingly widespread political idea behind the growing populism in Europe and around the world is not the right answer to the problems we are facing,” concluded the prime minister. 


He sees the solutions in shared efforts to confront global challenges and threats within the framework of joint multilateral institutions. 



The diplomatic corps were also addressed by Slovenian President Borut Pahor and His Excellency Mariano Hugo von Windisch-Graetz, the Ambassador of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta to Slovenia, and doyen pro tempore of the diplomatic corps.