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Press release

Prime minister at the SBC Forum on the government’s measures for and understanding of enterprise

Slovenian prime minister Marjan Šarec addressed participants at the second SBC (Slovenian Business Club) Forum in Postojna. He pointed out that the government would be putting together a set of measures in 2019 designed to give a positive boost to Slovenian enterprise. The large number of government ministers present at the forum showed that it was keen to listen to the needs of business. He reminded those present that governments had to look at all target groups and that we needed a social state alongside the economy that supported public education, public healthcare and the like.

He also had a few words to say about comparisons with Switzerland, which was the main theme of this year’s forum: “If we are always going to be asking ourselves how we might become another Switzerland or someone else, then we probably will not achieve our desired goals and results.” He added that we could do most things by ourselves, with hard work and a focus on results and goals. The enterprise stories of the people gathered at the forum were certainly proof of success.

He pointed out that the economy was cooling, although, in his opinion, it was too early to talk of a crisis and too early for a gloomy outlook. “It is important to realise that everything that awaits us and that will happen repeats through different cycles,” he added.

In the words of the organisers, this is the main annual event held by the Slovenian Business Club and one that is attended by around 300 people every year. Club membership comprises 162 Slovenian entrepreneurs. This year’s forum focuses on a discussion of the examples of good practice found in Switzerland and on the solutions appropriate for a Slovenia of enterprise.