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National Working Group on Combating Trafficking in Human Beings

On 18 December 2003 a government decision established the National working group (NWG). The appointed members are representatives of line ministries, non-governmental organisations, the Office of the State Prosecutor General and the National Assembly.


The Group directs and coordinates the activities of different institutions, enables interdepartmental cooperation and coordination, and provides a multidisciplinary approach in the prevention of human trafficking.


The National Working Group on combating trafficking in human beings is comprised of:

NWG coordinates the work in the field of:

  • Legislation
  • Prevention
  • Detection, investigation and prosecution of criminal offences
  • Assistance to and protection of the victims of human trafficking
  • Cooperation within the regional and international organisations to prevent and combat human trafficking

Specific tasks within these areas are defined in individual action plans. The NWG informs the Slovenian Government about the performed activities in regular annual reports.