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Social Contract 2012 - 2017

The social partners, representatives of chambers of commerce, associations of employers and trade unions and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia are to reach an agreement on the  Guidelines for the Social Contract 2012–2017. (97 KB)


Representatives of pensioners and youth are also invited to join the creation of the social contract so that it can be upgraded with the widest possible intergenerational dialogue.


Key decisions in the economic and social fields as regards the regulation of the relationship between companies and employees, and of the rights of employees and social rights stemming from employment are the subject of negotiations between the social partners and the government. The Economic and Social Council is the main discussion forum.


This contract is a starting point and basis for further negotiations and that our work in this respect will be based on active and responsible cooperation and mutual respect.


The Method of Drafting the Document


On 27 February 2012 the government presented  Guidelines for the Social Contract 2012-2017. (97 KB) Social partners have a week to comment on the guidelines of the social contract, which will be followed by a two-week period of negotiations within which the final content of the social contract is to be agreed upon. The social contract should be adopted by 20 June 2012 to the latest.