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Possible foreign policy consequences

After the June 2016 referendum, the Government of Slovenia expressed regret over the decision of UK voters to leave the European Union. This sovereign decision, voted at a referendum, will have certain consequences for international activities of both the Republic of Slovenia as well as the Union as a whole. The future cooperation between the United Kingdom and EU Member States in matters of foreign policy will be clear only after the conclusion of the agreement on future cooperation between the two entities. The declaration on future relations, which is part of the Withdrawal Agreement, will be irrelevant if the Agreement is not ratified. Both the United Kingdom and the Union have expressed an interest that, while recognizing that the United Kingdom is no longer an EU Member State, such cooperation should be as close as possible, including in the area of foreign affairs.

Regardless of whether the Withdrawal Agreement is ratified or not, there will be a need for constructive dialogue on future cooperation between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Bilateral cooperation will need to be strengthened to maintain all current areas of productive cooperation. Here, it should be noted that the United Kingdom remains a central ally within NATO and that cooperation will continue within multilateral frameworks.