• 16.04.2015 - At today’s regular session, the government discussed the working draft of the Stability Programme –2015 update and the implementation of the financial engineering measure for promoting the development of SMEs and the financial engineering measure for promoting technological and development projects in 2011-2013 period. The government also approved the text of the draft amendments to the Foreign Relations Act.


    Minister of Public Administration Boris Koprivnikar at the press conference. Photo: STA
  • 11.04.2015 -

    At its regular session today, the Slovenian government familiarised itself with the second draft of the National Reform Programme 2015–2016 (NRP 2015 - 2016). The document defines growth promotion and fiscal consolidation as the two main goals of economic policy and it will be further discussed at the competent committees of the National Assembly and the Economic-Social Council.


    Ministers Boris Koprivnikar and Dušan Mramor at the press conference. Photo: STA
  • 02.04.2015 - On the initiative of the Slovenian Beekeeping Association, the government supported the initiative of the Beekeeping Association of Slovenia to petition the United Nations for a world days of bees, which would be on 20 May, the birthday of Slovenian beekeeper Anton Janša, who is considered the father of modern beekeeping. The initiative seeks to draw attention of the world public to the significance of bee conservation and remind people that we depend on bees and other pollinators. more

    Minister Pocivalsek talks to the press after government session. Photo: STA

Government Priorities

The new cabinet under Miro Cerar has given new impetus to Slovenia. Several years of economic crisis have revealed a number of social problems, which the new ministerial team will be forced to take on if it is to restore the country’s international reputation and economic strength.

On 16 January 2015, Slovenia submitted an action plan for the execution of the ECHR judgement concerning the foreign currency savings in Ljubljanska banka in former Yugoslavia.


With the commencement of oral proceedings before the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) , Slovenia and Croatia enter the final phase of resolving their territorial and maritime border dispute. The arbitral award should be final by 2015.



Cooperation, help and development for the Western Balkans regions is one of the central priorities of Slovenia’s foreign policy.