• 17.04.2014 - At today’s session, the government took note of the report on the activities of the Republic of Slovenia in the Western Balkans and the report on the drawing of EU Cohesion Policy funds in the 2007–2013 period. more

    Government session. Photoarchive: UKOM
  • 15.04.2014 - At today's correspondence session, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia approved the National Reform Programme 2014-2015, which is the Government's medium-term plan on priority measures and projects focused on meeting the Europe 2020 Strategy. Slovenia's economic policy is conducted in accordance with the guidelines and priorities set at the EU level, while pursuing goals that correspond to the given situation and possibilities with regard to the characteristics of the Slovenian economy and society. more

    Source: photoarchive UKOM
  • 10.04.2014 - At today’s regular session, the Government discussed measures to balance the national budget in 2014. The Government also approved the programme of measures for economic growth and new jobs which combines all crucial measures in accordance with the 2014-2015 coalition agreement.  more

    Minister of Finance Uroš Čufer at the press conference. Photo: UKOM
  • Prime Minister Bratušek ended a two-day visit to Norway

    09.04.2014 - Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek met her Norwegian counterpart Erna Solberg and took part in a business conference in Oslo on Wednesday as part of a two-day visit designed to boost economic cooperation between the nations and raise Norwegian investors' interest in the ongoing privatisation in Slovenia.

    Source: Slovenian Press Agency

    PM Bratušek and PM Solberg. Photo: Slovenian Press Agency


It has been a year since the Government led by Alenka Bratušek started its mandate. Slovenia was in a very difficult situation at the time: it was gripped by the speculative financial markets, while an atmosphere of mistrust and instability pervaded the domestic political scene. But despite the many pessimistic forecasts, the past year was positive.

Slovenian Government approved a programme of measures aimed to combat the grey economy, which also foresees curbing undeclared employment, inspection campaigns, amendments to health-care legislation and damages for illegal building. Measures also tackle cash payments, duties and eliminating administrative barriers.

Investment Conferences:


The National Reform Programme (2013-2014) and Stability Programme (2013)


On 9th May 2013 the Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted:

  •  the National Reform Programme for 2013-2014 (899 KB), which is  the Government’s mid-term plan defining priority measures and projects aimed at realising the objectives defined in the Europe 2020 growth strategy. The document forms the main part of the European semester, the content of which is linked to the stability programme 
  •  Stability Programme for 2013 (906 KB), which must be referred to the European Commission every April within the so-called European Semester together with the National Reform Programme. The document has been taken into account that Slovenia has been officially undergoing the excess deficit procedure, and is required to lower debt to less than 3% of GDP by 2013 in accordance with the recommendations of the Council of the EU.