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  • Minister of Finance Dušan Mramor and State Secretary Mateja Vraničar at the Press Conference. Photo: STA

    Minister Mramor: Slovenia Without Structural Deficit by 2020

    20.04.2016 -

    At today’s session, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the 2016 Stability Programme. As pointed out by Minister Mramor at today’s press conference, the document has been prepared at the same time as the Ordinance on the Framework for the Preparation of the General Government Budget, which has already been adopted by the National Assembly.  


    This means that the medium-term framework for budget revenue and expenditure by 2020, within which Slovenia has to achieve a structural fiscal balance, has been established. In this regard, it is also important that the Government of the Republic of Slovenia also agreed on a draft Recovery and Compulsory Dissolution of Credit Institutions Act, which will change the conditions of a possible recapitalisation and, according to Mramor, enable sustainability of the planned budgetary framework. 

  • Photo: STA

    Prime Minister Cerar asked the National Assembly to dismiss Minister of Culture Julijana Bizjak

    19.04.2016 -

    As predicted, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia Miro Cerar expected to receive a resignation from Julijana Bizjak Mlakar by 12 o’clock today. However, since the Minister did not resign herself, the Prime Minister proposed her dismissal from office to the National Assembly.

  • Press conference after government session. Photo: STA

    Slovenia on the way to CERN membership

    14.04.2016 -

    The government approved the proposal to conclude an agreement with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) on becoming an associated member in pre-stage to membership, approved the National Reform Programme 2016–2017 as well as the draft Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights Act.

  • PM Miro Cerar at the first summit of foreign-owned companies. Photo: STA

    PM Cerar: I advocate restructuring tax burdens

    13.04.2016 -

    PM Miro Cerar attended the first summit of foreign-owned companies organised by the Forum of Foreign Investors in Slovenia, operating as part of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The PM listened to representatives of companies and found that the government has similar goals, particularly regarding increasing foreign investments and improving the business environment. According to the PM, the government is actively working towards a tax overhaul that is acceptable to companies and also the wider public.

  • Photo: UN

    4 April: International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action

    05.04.2016 -

    4 April marks International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, which is dedicated to educating the public of the risks of landmines. Slovenia is actively engaged in mine action through ITF – Enhancing Human Security, which covers a wide spectrum of international activity and has become one of Slovenia's most successful projects concerning human security. The Foreign Ministry and ITF have once again joined forces to commemorate this important international day. The activities include the campaign 'Lend your leg – roll up your pant leg', which seeks to highlight the issue, urge the Slovenian public to express solidarity with mine victims and strengthen efforts to achieve universal application of the Mine Ban Treaty. Collaboration and joint efforts will only reinforce our fight against the use of mines.


In other news

Slovenia high on the Global Creativity Index 

How is creativity connected to global economic development? A new study by the Martin Prosperity Institute, titled the Global Creativity Index 2015, presents a new model of economic development. It calls this the “3Ts” – talent, technology and tolerance – and ranks 139 nations on each of these pillars, as well as their overall measure. 

European Commission Report

Intensified contacts improved regional coordination in tackling migrations 

EC has published a report  on the refugee flows along the Western Balkans Route. One of the primary conclusions of the report is that intensified contacts have improved coordination on migration issue between the countries in the region. Nevertheless, the report also notes that more efforts are needed to notify partners in advance about policies and measures which impact them.


Government Priorities

The new cabinet under Miro Cerar has given new impetus to Slovenia. Several years of economic crisis have revealed a number of social problems, which the new ministerial team will be forced to take on if it is to restore the country’s international reputation and economic strength.


Slovenia and Croatia signed on 4 November 2009 an arbitration agreement establishing an arbitral tribunal tasked with issuing a final award on the land and maritime boundary on the basis of all the relevant facts. This ruling will be final and binding on both countries.

SFRY succession

Five countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia – today Serbia) signed the Agreement on succession issues by which it was conclusively confirmed that five sovereign equal successor states were formed upon the dissolution of the former SFRY.