• PM Cerar attends a two-day meeting of the European Council

    20.03.2015 - PM Miro Cerar attended a two-day meeting of the European Council. After the meeting, he said Slovenia was satisfied with the conclusions of the EU summit on the energy union, as it had succeeded in including in them the significance of energy efficiency and de-carbonisation of traffic. With regard to trade agreement between the EU and the US, he stressed that it should also enable smaller countries to increase trade, that negotiations should be as transparent as possible and that high standards in food, and the protection of the environment, consumers and workers should be guaranteed. In reference to Greece, the PM said that Slovenia insists that the February agreement on commitments made by Greece be respected.

    PM Miro Cerar at the press conference. Photo: STA
  • 13.03.2015 - One of the significant ways to strengthen gender equality policy is to encourage men to join and support efforts for greater gender equality. The labour minister, Anja Kopač Mrak, urged other members of the cabinet to join the #HeForShe global campaign and thereby support and express their solidarity with the effort to achieve gender equality and the idea of the urgent need for an alliance between men and women. “I welcome the support of colleagues who promote a stronger gender equality policy by joining the #HeForShe campaign.” The issue of promoting and strengthening gender equality was also discussed in the National Assembly today. more

    The Prime Minister and cabinet ministers join the #HeForShe campaign. Photo: UKOM
  • 05.03.2015 - At today’s session, the government discussed the draft strategy for managing capital assets, which includes the strategy for the Slovenian banking sector and the insurance sector and determined it to be appropriate for further consideration. The government also discussed gender equality in Slovenia and will make every effort to improve it. more

    PM Miro Cerar and Minister of Finance Dušan Mramor at the press conference. Photo: UKOM
  • 03.03.2015 - With 51 votes in favour, the National Assembly passed the amendments to the Marriage and Family Relations Act, which grant equal status to same-sex and heterosexual unions in Slovenia. more

Government Priorities

The new cabinet under Miro Cerar has given new impetus to Slovenia. Several years of economic crisis have revealed a number of social problems, which the new ministerial team will be forced to take on if it is to restore the country’s international reputation and economic strength.

On 16 January 2015, Slovenia submitted an action plan for the execution of the ECHR judgement concerning the foreign currency savings in Ljubljanska banka in former Yugoslavia.


With the commencement of oral proceedings before the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) , Slovenia and Croatia enter the final phase of resolving their territorial and maritime border dispute. The arbitral award should be final by 2015.



Cooperation, help and development for the Western Balkans regions is one of the central priorities of Slovenia’s foreign policy.