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  • Photo: Anže Malovrh/STA

    PM Cerar: I deplore the inactivity of the European Commission

    18.06.2018 -

    In connection with the European Commission's decision to make no pronouncement on Slovenia's complaint regarding infringements of EU law by Croatia, Prime Minister Miro Cerar today stated that Slovenia began these proceedings because it believes that by refusing the arbitration ruling Croatia is infringing EU law. He emphasised that it was necessary to refer Croatia to the European Court in Luxembourg because international law and EU law must be respected.

  • Photo: Daniel Novakovič/STA

    Government on aftermath of storm and response to EC in NLB case

    14.06.2018 -

    At its 181st session, the Slovenian government discussed the first report on the response to and consequences of the strong hailstorm and flooding in eastern Slovenia on 8 June 2018. The government also adopted Slovenia’s response to the comments of third parties given in the proceedings on the assessment of the lawfulness of State aid to Nova Ljubljanska banka (NLB), and authorised Minister of Finance Mateja Vraničar Erman to sign the response and send it to the European Commission.

  • Photo: STA

    Prime Minister Cerar attended the cornerstone laying ceremony for the new Lonstroff factory

    17.05.2018 -

    Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar attended the cornerstone laying ceremony for the new Lonstroff factory today.  In April 2018 the government of the Republic of Slovenia signed a contract with the company worth EUR 4,800,000. Prime Minister Cerar gave a warm welcome to the company, which is investing EUR 48 million in the factory in Logatec and creating at least 180 new jobs. “It’s an important development for Logatec and Slovenia. This will be a new high-tech factory, one of the most advanced in its industry,” said Prime Minister Cerar.




Slovenia and Croatia signed on 4 November 2009 an arbitration agreement establishing an arbitral tribunal tasked with issuing a final award on the land and maritime boundary on the basis of all the relevant facts. This ruling will be final and binding on both countries.

SFRY succession

Five countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia – today Serbia) signed the Agreement on succession issues by which it was conclusively confirmed that five sovereign equal successor states were formed upon the dissolution of the former SFRY.

Government Priorities

The new cabinet under Miro Cerar has given new impetus to Slovenia. Several years of economic crisis have revealed a number of social problems, which the new ministerial team will be forced to take on if it is to restore the country’s international reputation and economic strength.