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  • Photo: Nebojša Tejić/STA

    Prime Minister on the future of the EU in Sibiu, Romania

    09.05.2019 -

    Slovenian Prime Minister Marjan Šarec has attended an informal meeting of EU leaders in Sibiu, Romania. This summit before the European Parliament elections represented the completion of the process of reflection on the future of the EU that began in Bratislava in September 2016. The leaders discussed the EU’s new strategic agenda for the period 2019–2024 and agreed a joint declaration in which they reaffirmed their belief that, in an increasingly unsettled and challenging world, Europe can only be strong if we all work together.

  • Photo: Bor Slana, STA

    30th Government Session

    09.05.2019 -

    At today’s regular session the government adopted its action plan for the World Bee Day project for the period to 2022. The plan will be updated regularly to include content agreed later. World Bee Day also offers an opportunity to transfer Slovenia’s wealth of knowledge and technology in the area of beekeeping, and to establish Slovenia globally as a green, healthy, proactive and innovative country.

  • Photo: Tamino Petelinšek/STA

    Prime minister: Slovenia remains a solid and determined cornerstone in the European mosaic. You can continue to count on us in the future.

    08.05.2019 -

    To mark the 15th anniversary of Slovenia joining the European Union, a grand celebration entitled Mosaic of the Future was held at Brdo Congress Centre. In his speech at the event, Slovenian prime minister Marjan Šarec emphasised that Slovenia remains a solid and determined cornerstone in the European mosaic. The guest of honour at the celebrations was Xavier Bettel, prime minister of Luxembourg, current holder of the Benelux presidency, who also gave a keynote speech at the event.

  • Photo: Uroš Hočevar

    Slovenia at home in Europe after 15 years as an EU Member State

    01.05.2019 -

    Fifteen years ago, or on 1 May 2004 to be precise, Slovenia became a full member of the European Union. On 23 March 2003, with a turnout of 60%, almost 90% of voters voted for EU membership. Today, Slovenians continue to be strong advocates for the European Union and its values. The European Union has had a very positive impact on Slovenia’s development and on the life of its citizens. The 15th anniversary of Slovenia’s accession will be celebrated at a gala event to be held at Brdo pri Kranju on 8 May.

  • Photo: Tamino Petelinšek/STA

    PM Šarec attends an informal meeting on the Western Balkans

    29.04.2019 -

    Slovenian prime minister Marjan Šarec has taken part in an informal meeting on the Western Balkans, hosted in Berlin by German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Emmanuel Macron.




On 29 March 2017, the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland began the process of leaving the European Union, which is to be completed by 29 March 2019.


Slovenia and Croatia signed on 4 November 2009 an arbitration agreement establishing an arbitral tribunal tasked with issuing a final award on the land and maritime boundary on the basis of all the relevant facts. This ruling will be final and binding on both countries.

SFRY succession

Five countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia – today Serbia) signed the Agreement on succession issues by which it was conclusively confirmed that five sovereign equal successor states were formed upon the dissolution of the former SFRY.

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